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Top 6 Localization Services Available Online in 2018

As different parts of the world open up to business with other parts of the world, so, is there need for companies to modify their products for new markets. Here is where localization solutions come in. It could be in the form of translation services, or app, software or game localization.

These localization services are useful in attracting potential customers from new environments and increasing the user base of a business. In that, these services, modify a product or function in a manner that makes it appear like it was made for a specific market.

For effective translation services, adding the human touch to it gives it more value. You could use Google Translate to translate from one language to another. However, it works best for short texts.

If you are looking for expert translation services other than a live translation app, you should consider these services:

1. Best Translation Services

The pricing is quite friendly, at $0.04 for each word. They offer a money back guarantee and work with expert translators in many languages. You can get a free quote on the type of work you would like them to work on, for free.

They are also fast, with a translating speed of 200 words per hour. It is almost the same speed one spend on writing an article. They have proofreading services, too.

2. The Word Point

They have a minimum delivery time of 6 hours. That implies, they can meet very short deadlines. Also, the quality of the finished work is impressive and at a pocket-friendly price.

They offer both human translations and proofing; thus very little meaning could be lost in translation.

3. One Hour Translation

It started their operation in 2008 which translates to years of experience in the localization services. They work with certified translators in various countries to ensure the quality of the services they provide.

Their operating times are every day of the week, and 24 hours each day. It’s no wonder that users praise them for their availability, professionalism, and ease of use.

4. Interpreters and Translators Inc.

It’s been in operation for over 30 years and offers translation services in more than 200 languages. Besides that, they provide language solutions to a variety of industries, including but not limited to manufacturing and healthcare.

Also, their clients rave about the personal level of service that they offer.

5. 3 Play Media

When you are looking for closed captioning solutions, you should check them out. They have won numerous awards for it, too. Services include subtitling, audio description and transcription.

They also provide users with a myriad of tools that help them cut costs, and make implementation effortless.

6. iScribed

It offers competitive pricing, and assure clients of the accuracy of their orders. They provide services in translation, transcribing, content creation, to subtitle services. Every work is proofread before you receive it.

Also, their translation services are efficient, and they can work on projects from a variety of fields. It applies to business and official documents, such as immigration papers.


As industries increase their global reach, they need localization services to help them reach their goals. It can be in-house or through outsourcing. The above list will help you cut down the time spent on researching the best localization services available.

Happy hunting!