Common Rules Of Rummy Card Game That Must Be Followed

Common Rules Of Rummy Card Game That Must Be Followed

Rummy is definitely one of the most interesting card games. The beauty of the game is that it appeals to all. Age, gender and other things barely matter as rummy is a game that is open to one and all. It is easy to learn and interesting to play. That is why more and more people enjoy this game. You need to know the rules first to start as a beginner in rummy card game.

How to Play Rummy Card Game?

Like all games, there are some basic principles or rules that govern the rummy game. If you want to know how to play rummy, you should know these rules first as are listed below:

  • The number of cards distributed to each individual player is same, and is 13 cards in the most common variation of the game.
  • A joker is cut out from the deck of undistributed cards to act as a joker. This is apart from the existing jokers and blanks cards in the deck.
  • A player needs to make two melds and two sequences to win the game of rummy. Out of the two sequences, one needs to be completely natural. Joker cannot be used in a natural sequence.
  • A player can pass his turn if he finds the chances of winning few as he picks his hand.
  • A player may also pass half way through the game but then more points will be counted for passing than while passing in the beginning.

Common Rules Of Rummy Card Game That Must Be Followed

What is the Difference Between Online Rummy and Offline Rummy?

While the online rummy card game is designed to be as similar as possible to the actual card game, there naturally are a few differences. Knowing these differences can help you grasp both the games better:

  • When you play rummy online, there is specific time allotted for each individual’s turn.
  • As you quite expect, you don’t need to buy a deck of cards when you play rummy on the internet.
  • When you play rummy offline, you often choose friends or people you know as co-players. While playing rummy online, you can get a chance to play the game with complete strangers.
  • As long as you have an internet connection, you can play rummy anytime of the day without anyone to stop you.
  • Playing rummy with cash online won’t be regarded as gambling.

Some Tips to Help Win the Game

As everyone wishes to excel in the game they play, here are some excellent tips for the game:

  • Avoid disposing off cards that will give the opponent a hint as to what cards are in your hand.
  • Try to guess from the cards disposed by the opponent what cards he may have in hand or what sequences he plans to make.
  • If you are sure you have a bad hand, quit the game before it is too late.
  • Half way through the game if you realise you are losing, quit.
  • Try to understand the opponent’s strategies.
  • Try to reduce points in the hand once your life (the natural and real sequence) are formed.

Good players of rummy often possess many skills in common. These are life skills like organising and intuitive skills. Play rummy often on KhelplayRummy to enhance these skills and run a better chance for winning in life itself.

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