Why Use Positive Phrases In Any Kind Of Paper?

Why Use Positive Phrases In Any Kind Of Paper?

Did you know that the way you phrase sentences can make you more persuasive or positive? For English speakers, especially, one has the option of conveying the same meaning using a positive or negative statement. In essence, how you phrase your wordings contributes to its effectiveness.

Concerning medical ghostwriting or any other written material, the use of positive language can change your brain. It makes one feel great, emotionally, mentally and physically, too. The difference is in the details of your wordings.

Remember, when you use negative words as you speak, your expressions can help the audience understand what you mean. It could be through your body language, facial expression, or more. In writing, however, you won’t have these to aid you in conveying a message.

So, why should you use positive phrases in your writing?

It is easy to comprehend

We have all come across a material that got you scratching your head over its’ meaning. When you look for ghostwriters’ wanted, say for your assignment or research, you would want an expert writer who can convey meaning effortlessly and efficiently, right?

A phrase slanted in positive and negative light may seem to have the same influence. However, regarding how we comprehend a statement, we quickly get the message of a positive statement 30-40% times faster than a negative one.

They are well-received

It just doesn’t happen to us. The same applies to the audience, and for your medical ghostwriting needs, compelling content is one that will motivate the reader to keep reading. They do not have to agree with your ideas, but they should get the intended message.

In an experiment by Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman, they presented treatment options to patients in two ways. It was for a hypothetical disease. One emphasised the positive outcomes and the other, the adverse outcomes of the treatment.

Both phrases referred to the same outcome. The positively framed result highlighted the number of people who would live and the other, number who would die. Out of those in the survey, 72% chose the positively framed statement, and only 22% selected it when it was structured, negatively.

Alter the reception of the message

Linguists believe when you use positive phrasing, it will make others perceive you in a better light. In that, the use of positive language also affects cognition. Thus, when you are mindful of this, you can change how people receive your message.

It also helps the mind to create a happy mindset. Besides, many languages have a significant number of positive words as opposed to negative ones. The Pollyanna hypothesis of 1969 also states that, as humans, we have a universal tendency to use positive words often, more than negative wordings.

Keeps your expressions short

Professors and supervisors often have a significant number of written documents to go through. With limited time in hand, they have to go through each material as fast as possible. Using positive words allows you to shorten your sentences.

Therefore, you will produce a more concise paper. Keep in mind, brevity in your academic journals is essential. It also applies in life, just beating around the bust wastes time. Get to the point.

Since tone relies on your choice of words, negative words create a negative mood. Even if you are trying to be helpful, it wouldn’t appear like so.


In speech and writing, opt to use positive phrasings. It will make it easy for others to understand the message you are trying to convey. Besides, you get to be concise in your paper, which is a plus.