An Overview of Parkinson treatment
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An Overview of Parkinson Treatment

You might have heard about Parkinson treatment in India? It is a progressive nervous disorder which affects you in the latter stages of life. Your movement is hampered to a considerable extent. The main symptom could work out to be tremor, but it does go on to take a toll on your movement. When you are in the early stage of this disorder your arms may not swing at all. The speech may become blurred as well. But over the course of time the symptoms tend to worsen considerably.

Though this disorder can be cured, the medications could go on to improve the symptoms as well. The focus of the treatment would be to regulate certain regions of the brain. In this form of disorder the nerve cells which are present go on to die a natural death. Till date the exact cause of this disorder happens to be a mystery. But genes have a definite role for sure.

An Overview of Parkinson treatment

The risk aspects

Age – the younger lot hardly suffer from Parkinson disorder. It does increase with age and emerges in the middle or later stages of life. In fact this disorder is felt once you touch the age bracket of 60 years.
Heredity- if someone in your family suffers from this disorder then the chances are that you might suffer from the same as well. But still the risk does appear to be small when you are having many relatives who are prone to this disorder.
The men are more likely to suffer from this disorder in comparison to women
 If you are prone in exposure to toxins then the risk increases to a considerable level.
With this disorder you may encounter a host of additional problems.
Thinking ability – Once you are in the later stage of this disorder your thinking abilities are on the decline. These are cognitive problems that do not respond to medicines
People who are prone to this disorder may face depression issues. When you receive treatment for depression it does help you to cope up with other disorders of this disease.
Swallowing- Once you progress late into the condition you may face swallowing problems. In a typical disorder of this type this appears to be a common problem. It would go on to slow down the process of swallowing as saliva may accumulate in your mouth
People who are prone to this disorder may experience sleeping problems. They are likely to wake up during the course of the night and irregular sleeping patterns may be witnessed as well.
As an individual who is affected by this disorder you are likely to face sleep disorders. With medications all the sleeping disorders can be taken care off
Bladder problems-You are likely to face the situation of frequent urination in the middle of the night.
In case of some people who are suffering from this disorder they are likely to experience pain in specific parts of the body.
The chances of decrease in terms of sexual performance would also be pretty common.