TOP 8 LUX Cars To Take For Rent For Your Wedding
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TOP 8 LUX Cars To Take For Rent For Your Wedding

Speaking about wedding preparation, you should think about many different aspects. Of course, this is the most important moment of your life! You should think about hiring a good florist, banquet hall, but also you have to think of hiring a good wedding car. Rentalcars24h can help you! The country of your wedding doesn’t really matter! You are able to rent a car of your dream to any part of the world. In addition to this, your luxury car gives you a chance to take the best wedding photos.

Such popular world car brand as Limousine is not requested any more. Pay attention to Rolls Royce instead. Vintage cars are also popular. It sounds surprising but vintage cars are up to date even now. Such a stylish car can make your wedding date more atmospheric and memorable. So, here is the list of lux cars you can take for rent to have WOW effect!

wedding car

MASERATI: $180 for rent

Everyone knows Maserati is a popular car brand that offers the best impressive cars for your special date. Its speed opportunities are 170 km per hour and even more miles of smoothly driving. You can get the church or wedding palace in the fastest way. The four-door saloon is equipped with all modern tools and looks stylish.

MERCEDES MAYBACH: $200 for rent

If you like big German cars, you can take Mercedes Maybach. $200 per hour is not a big price for it. This is your chance to make your driving more effective, reliable, and powerful. The panoramic glassy roof gives you more chances to enjoy the view around. There is in-built technic for your comfort and a bottle of Crystal in the fridge.

Mercedes-Maybach S600

ROLLS ROYCE: $ 220 for rent

You may pay about $200 per hour and take the best and really huge car for rent. Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is a beautiful luxury car that you can take for such a low price. Your wedding date will be unforgettable with silent-running engine and no efforts to reach the wedding palace.

BENTLEY: $250 for rent

Bentley is highly fashionable car. The assortment of car models is huge. There is a series of cars for wedding dates that only rich people used to buy. You can easily take it for rent. The price for Bentley starts from $250 per hour. The car can easily impress you with its appearance, details and interior. There are soft carpets and wooden elements inside. In one word, it doesn’t matter whether you pick vintage or new model of Bentley. Your wedding date must be impressive!

Bouquet & Bentley 1

AUSTIN PRINCESS: $250for rent

The car became popular since 1940. It is beautiful and worth buying. But you can easily take the car for rent for more than affordable price. The car interior is stylish and modern. There is enough space for your wedding dress and braid maids. The cars differ from one another by interior style and decoration. What is under the hood? The carburetor and details are represented by Vanden Plas. The car is really heavy, but extremely original.

BENTLEY: $ 300 for rent

Bentley Flying car can easily make you fly. The car is light and fast. The price for it per hour starts from $300. What is inside? There are so many useful gadgets! You should try this car to make your wedding day marvelous. What are the main advantages? How about the powerful engine W-12 and hand-made leather interior? Looks impressive!

Manhattan, New York - USA

ASTON MARTIN: $ 350 for rent

The new big opening for your wedding can be Aston Martin new model. Of course, it is not an old-fashioned traditional car for wedding. All and every one of your guests will be impressed. The weather doesn’t matter! The car is good at any weather! What is more, if you want to impress your guests, just do nothing! Pick the car! The history of Aston Martin cars is more than 100 years, but all of them are modernly equipped inside. Harmonious body lines, high speed, and lot of integrated devices make this sort of vehicle the best for your special day.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Serenity

ROLLS-ROYCE PHANTOM: $ 450 for rent

The price for this car is more than $450 per hour for rent. The car is extremely elegant and stylish. This can be easily named the main wedding car in the world! Forget about old-fashioned Limousines! Rolls-Royce Phantom is million times better! Classic design is masterfully combined with luxury interior and modern devices to be the most amazing car.

Your wedding date must be special day! This day is worth the most impressive car you can find! Whenever you go, wedding agents will help you to book the best hotel for your guests and a beautiful wedding hall. But don’t forget about the right car in the style of your wedding. You have a chance to surprise your guests with the best wedding car hire options? Take a look!

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