Cards That Stand Out: 7 Rules Of Making An Effective Business Card
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Cards That Stand Out: 7 Rules Of Making An Effective Business Card

Making a great impression through business cards can mean a lot to all business sizes. Many companies use printed cards as a marketing tool to showcase their products and services to potential clients and customers. The business card is a marketing accessory that every business person should have.

A business card is an integral part of face-to-face networking, and should leave a long-lasting impression on any business prospects. But, there are still business owners who are unsure of how to make their business cards impressive at first glance. Check out these brilliant rules for creating business cards that stand out.

Present Only the Most Important Information

If you have overloaded information in your business cards, it’ll probably lose the attention of your recipients. Create a simple business card and include only the most essential information of your business and its services to pique the interest of the recipients.

The Proper Brand

To build a reliable professional business image, create a professional branding of yourself and your business. Your business cards should equally aim for your business brand and the ethos of your company. To make everything more efficient, including the logo on your websites and other print materials when designing your business cards.

Choosing the right color and font theme for your advertising and marketing materials are the striking keys to have memorable and impressive business cards to your potential clients, customers, and business partners.

Make it Legible

In designing your business cards, it’s necessary to make your fonts appear in the right size. Don’t make your business card challenging by using too small and fancy fonts. Keep your logo simple and straightforward to avoid any confusions with your business prospects.

Choose the Applicable Design

Select the right design elements and color that is suited in your business area to make your business cards easy to recognize. For example, if you’re selling luxury products, you could present your cards with a foil of detail. The foil business cards are highly notable for its shiny and metallic property.

Your Contact Information Should be Easy to Follow

A useful business card is not just a material to provide information regarding your business and its services, it also a great marketing tool to communicate with your customers. Thus, make your contact details easy to follow.

Try to Use Unusual Materials

The business cards are usually printed on card stock because this is the most cost-effective selection of every business persons. But, you can make a little more creative to turn your business cards unforgettable to your prospects.

You can use various materials to print out your business cards like metal, transparent plastics, wood, and even slate. While designing your business cards, keep in mind that it should be portable and easy to file away so that you and your client won’t have any difficulties in carrying and pulling it out.

Consider Special Finishes

Use special finishes in your cards to make it more unforgettable and impressive. Some examples include foil blocking and metallic inks. There are different options in numerous printers, but be sure to select finishes that are appropriate for your business. Seek help from sites like to print your personalized business cards at a lower price.


Modern marketing includes business cards which are good conversation starters with your clients. Cards are also a great way to improve your business. Your business card is your asset. Hence, make it compelling and impressive as you can by considering the tips discussed above.  

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