Nursing Career Path: 7 Main Steps After Graduation
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Nursing Career Path: 7 Main Steps After Graduation

Graduating nursing school is a big step for many individuals. After years of late nights and more study hours than can be counted, it does cause for celebration. The day you were accepted into nursing school was a big day and although it might have seemed impossible at first, you made it. Now it is time to join the working class in your new job. As with most changes in life, it does not come easy.

After graduating, you need to decide what you want to do with your life from this point onwards. You have your new graduate nurse resume in one hand and you are ready to conquer the world. A lot of graduates feel lost after completing their studies. One needs to go from student life to working, which can take some adjusting for many. Here are some important steps you can take after graduating nursing school.

1. Documents

One does not always think about graduating as a technicality, but rather a celebration. Even if it is the case, you also want to make sure that you gather all your important documents. This can include your graduating documents as well as your personal ones. When you start looking at your options, you are going to need these.

2. References

The next step is to get your reference letters. With nurse graduate resumes having some reference letters do come in very handy. Ask some of your professors if possible and anyone whose word carries some weight. Doing this early on is going to save you a lot of time when applying for jobs.

3. Licence Application

You need to apply for your nursing license after graduating. The state board of nursing exam is just another one that you have to get under your belt. Students can easily forget about this after spending years completing their studies. You want to register early because you might not get a date as soon as you’d want to.

4. Funds

Get your funds in order after graduating. You need a few hundred dollars for your NCLEX exam as well as living expenses. It is not uncommon for nursing graduates to be without a job for a while. Think about how you will go about funding your life after graduating.

5. Apply for Jobs

Now comes the exciting part that you have been waiting for. After you pass the board exam and become a licenced nurse, you can start applying for jobs. Look at the criteria for a nursing graduate resume and get all the information required. One can find a lot of online services to help you draw up a proper resume.

6. Interview Preparation

Be sure to prepare for your interview in advance. This basically means that you want to start your interview planning before you get that call. An interview is going to seal the deal for your career, so take it seriously. There are some steps you can take to preparing, like speaking to someone who is already employed at the hospital. Get as much information as possible ahead of the time.

7. Celebrate the Moment

In the midst of all of this, you want to take some time to celebrate your achievements. You want to do this after graduating as well as when you find a job. All of your hard work has paid off and you are on your way to a beautiful and satisfying life.

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