Want Clothes For Rent? Top Popular Websites To Refresh Your Look In America

Want Clothes For Rent? Top Popular Websites To Refresh Your Look In America

This is the time you can order everything online. What is more, you can rent online! You can rent furniture, apartments in a new city, instruments or services. If you want to rent a car in the USA, it’s also not a big deal. There are many helpful apps that allow rent a car in two clicks. But what about fashion? Well, you can try to rent something interesting to wear! Remember, renting clothes is as easy as rent a hotel room.

Try and Buy

Renting clothes for special occasion is very popular in America. Renting instead of buying has a lot of advantages. The first and foremost, you have a chance to try new clothes and then, in a week or month, decide whether to buy it or not. What is more, renting clothes is a nice opportunity to get something extravagant for special occasion and then send it back as you don’t like this type of clothes. So, what are they, the most popular American web platforms to take clothes for rent?

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Stitch Fix

You may have whatever you want in your Stitch box, a dark blue dress, ugly green sweater and something else crazy. All these items are new and you don’t even know whether they suit you or not. What a nice chance to try! Take them for rent, nothing special! There is even a so-called Style Card, which explains what to wear and when. This helpful web platform is good for people, who don’t really like shopping but want to try new styles. Seriously, it is better to try and then to buy.

DailyLook Elite

DailyLook works simple. If you picked some clothes to buy, you can easily try it first. Just pick clothes on the website and you have about a week to try it on. This time is enough to decide whether it is worth buying or not. Here is also a new helpful service: you can ask about any clothes you have and professional stylist will answer you. You can find all the latest trends here.


Rent the Runway

This is the most popular web platform to take clothes for rent in America. You can find all popular brands here for the price starting from $35. Hundreds and hundreds of local designers represent their works here. There is a special gallery where you get know how this particular model suits to your figure and size. The shipping is free. Runway is especially good for people, who like designer clothing the most.


It is allowed to pick three clothes items and two accessories. The items are sent to you for free. You can wear everything for a week or month and send everything back at the end. The range of brands is huge. The prices start from $60. This is your chance to buy new set of clothes every month or every new event. There is also a new collection of clothes for pregnant. LeTote represents absolutely all sorts of clothes, including casual clothing and maternity wear collection.

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Gwynnie Bee

If you want to be stylish and have a great look every day, you should visit Bee website. Free shipping, affordable prices, and a big choice of clothes and accessories are waiting for you here. You are allowed to take clothes for rent for a month, from 1 to 10 items. There is also a huge friendly community, called The Hive. People share their rent experience, pictures, stories, ask for advice and latest fashion news.

Style Lend

This is the cheapest rental website in America. The prices here start from $25. Style Lend offers to pick something bright and incredible from the most popular world designers. This is a place you should visit before your wedding or birthday party. The rental rules are simple. You can take clothes for a week. If it doesn’t suit you, you can submit a return.

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Glam Corner

The price range on this website starts from $40. Glam Corner is not particularly American business. It came from Australia, but spread out all over the American continent. The company cares of its clients and offers clothes for all body types. What is more, it is cheap for your wallet. So, don’t worry about your specific figure. You can try something interesting from Corners.

Of course, the most popular web platform for Americans is Rent the Runway from New York. But you can easily find something better and cheaper on the web. Don’t worry that your new dress will never suit you. You can take it rent first and then, if you want, buy it or send it back. The most of the companies offer free shipping opportunities. And who knows, rental service is so helpful that one day it may replace retail. And yet, you don’t have to waste money to buy a new dress for your friend’s wedding that you will never wear again. Just take it for rent!

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