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Preparing for BITSAT 2019?

Every year more than 2 lakh aspirants dream of getting into the best private college of the country. Are you one of them?

If yes, you have landed up at the right place!

Before we get started on how to get into your dream college, let’s read some of the cool facts about BITS.

With 3 national and one international campus (in Dubai), BITS enjoy a world class infrastructure with excellent placement record. There is no minimum 75% attendance policy as they don’t feel the need to compel their students to attend classes.

Can’t wait to get there? Get onboard with the BITSAT preparation by following this fool-proof success strategy.

Exam pattern

There are 150 questions which need to be solved in 180 minutes which averages to 1 minute per question and 30 minutes for revision.

Adding to the Physics, Chemistry and Maths sections, there is English and LR section in BITSAT too.

There are 12 extra questions in BITSAT comprising of 4 questions each from Physics, chemistry and maths. The catch is you can only attempt these questions once you have attempted the 150 questions and you cannot go back to them too!

Marking scheme throughout the exam is same: +3 for a correct answer, -1 for an incorrect answer

Preparation strategy for BITSAT

  • The difficulty level of questions in BITSAT is at par or a little easier than JEE Main. BITSAT mainly tests the concept clarity at the basic level but at the same time ensures that it is trickier and tests the in depth understanding
  • Speed and accuracy are very important to crack BITSAT. Attempting 150 questions in 180 minutes is not easy and you also can’t compromise the accuracy. Hence, practice, practice and practice a lot to improve your speed and accuracy
  • BITSAT is online. But what was the last time you took an online test? Practice plenty of BITSAT exam mock test to ensure that you are exam ready. This will also help in getting familiar with the exam pattern and improve your test performance
  • Students often tend to miss out English and LR Section which accounts for 1/6 of the total marks. This section can be a game changer if you sincerely invest some time to prepare for it. The questions in this section are comparatively easy and scoring.
  • Consider NCERT your bible for PCM. Go through all the formulas and reactions. They should be at your fingertips as more than half of the paper is formula-based

D-Day Strategy for BITSAT

  • Pick up the section you are most confident about.
  • If you are straddling over a question for more than 1 minute, leave it and move ahead. It’s not worth your time. Come back to it if you have some time left in the last
  • Be careful about the negative marking. Do not take more than 4-5 calculated guesses
  • Every section has a few tricky and time-consuming questions. Go for the simpler ones first as they will fetch you equal marks

Good luck for your exam 😊