How to create zones in your garden
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How to create zones in your garden

How to create zones in your garden


Gone are the days when a garden was just a patch of grass with a border of neat flowers placed around the edges. “Modern landscapers are now seamlessly integrating outdoor living spaces with interiors and creating zones areas that allow for different activities and moods” says Central London estate agent, LDG.

You can define zones in your garden with clever use of plants, fencing and landscaping materials, resulting in interesting and colourful areas where you can eat, relax and play. These handy tips show you how.

Choose different floor surfaces

Just like inside the home, a variety of flooring surfaces can help differentiate between various areas. You could try stone for dining zones, bark and astroturf for play areas, or decking for areas where you like to chill out and sunbathe.

Use colour wisely

You probably use colour indoors, so continue the theme outside too. Different coloured paint can be used on fences and walls to create zones. White is great for areas with colourful plants, green is perfect for play areas and deep jewel colours are perfect for dining areas – especially when combined with fairy lights.

Select different plants for different areas

Carefully chosen plants are perfect for playing with height, space and colour. Think about the overall look you want to create in each different zone – you might want tall, spiky plants for a tropical, wild look, delicate white blooms in more restful areas, or vibrant flowers by your sun loungers.

Use the whole space – including walls

It’s common for gardeners to concentrate on pots and flower beds but completely ignore their vertical spaces. Screens, fences, pergolas, trellises and pergolas all create the perfect backtrop for climbling plants, adding instant colour and personality to your garden.

Select a spot for veggies, fruit and herbs

You don’t have to be green fingered to grow your own fruit and veg. There are lots of easy start, DIY kits available in garden centres and home stores that can enable you to grow fresh, tasty crops from herbs to strawberries. “It’s a great way to get children involved in gardening and trying healthy foods, and there’s nothing like eating a meal accompanied by a fresh salad you’ve grown yourself” says Assetgrove. Veggie patches are great tucked away at the top of the garden, and even better if you’ve got room for a windy path.

According to Best Gapp, a zoned garden is a real winner if you’re looking to sell, too. “Pretty and well thought out gardens are a huge selling point, and lots of house hunters are swayed by properties that offer an attractive outdoor living space. Making the most of your garden and making it as interesting and appealing as possible can work wonders when your house is on the market” h/she said.


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