The Best Gold Earring Styles to Wear to Work

Gold earrings are the best you can choose for any occasion. This the most precious and traditional jewelry everyone loves to wear. When it comes to such accessories, there are a lot of choices to wear to the office. Everyone will have a doubt with the type of earrings that matches with office wear. When it comes to gold earrings, there are many designs that you can choose to wear with office outfits. Here are some gold earring styles you can wear to work.

  1. Simple Golden Hoop

If you love the simplicity with office wear, then a pair of golden hoop earring will be fine. You can choose the size according to your preference. Any size of the hoop is fine and goes well with office wear.

  1. Dangling Gold Earring

If you want to be stylish, a pair of danglers is the best choice. There are various types of dangling earrings available. You can choose one of the best designs according to your dressing style. There are designs from simple long chains to modern dangling earrings with precious stones on it. The choice is up to you.

  1. Gold Ear Jackets

This is another choice that goes well with office wear. They are light and beautiful. There are plain gold ear jackets and the other type is gold ear jackets embedded with pearls. The one with pearls is the best choice to get the elegance and formal look at the same time. Other than the office, it is also suitable to wear with party wear outfits. So, why don’t you give this magnificent gold earrings design a try?

  1. Diamond Huggie Earrings

Are you looking for something formal in diamond earrings? There are gold earrings with diamond stones and huggie earrings are one of them. This is a trending design and a perfect workwear too. In fact, this small cute earring is also suitable as a party wear.  The front side will be with the diamond stone and it comes similar to a hoop design.

  1. Long Threader Earrings

This is a very good choice to wear for all occasions. It comes as a long delicate chain that you can be put through your ear hole. You need two holes to get the perfect look in this earring. Insert one edge and adjust it as per your choice. If you want to try something different for office, go for these long threader gold earrings

  1. Studs

This is the most preferred earrings from all other choices. Studs are very common designs and easy to carry with any type of outfit. You can use pearl, diamond or even pure gold studs. There are many designs in gold studs and they are all suitable for office wear. If you love elegance, then pearl or diamond studs in a gold material are the best choices.

  1. Stylish Edgy Drop Earrings

To get out of those boring traditional workwear you can try edgy drop earrings with colorful designs.  You can wear them for work as well as with casual outfits. The drop part comes with stones or threads with beautiful decoration and the upper part will be of golden material. To get a chic look at the office, try this gold earring design.

With trends changing constantly, many other metals are replacing gold but still gold earrings considered as one of the evergreen pieces of jewelry every woman must own irrespective of whether it is for office wear or party wear.

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