The Treasures Of Train Journeys

The Treasures Of Train Journeys

It is okay if you don’t have a huge bank balance, it is okay if you cannot afford air tickets, it is again alright if you cannot go on luxurious holidays, but you can relish the pleasures that the trains have to offer. Indeed, who says that only the rich people can travel to the fullest when you have the option of train journeys?

Once you begin to look around, you would get to know about plenty of trains available for your service. Whether you look for Delhi to Jaipur trains or Mumbai to Goa or any other place to any other destination, you can find plenty of trains out there. These trains are reasonable and affordable. Of course, if you are traveling in trains like Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Duronto Express, AC Express, and Jan Shatabdi Express or so on that too in AC compartment then you might have to make a small hole in your budget. Otherwise, you can easily travel from one place to another that too with no discomfort or huge fare.

No Luxuries, No Fun: Really?

If you think that you want to experience the luxuries and without them, there is no fun, then you are right. But when talking about train journeys, the real treasures are like beautiful sites, lively landscapes, and diversity in passengers and so on. These are the things that fill you with curiosity and pleasure. Have you ever smelled the fresh air of forests and fields?  When you travel in a general compartment of a train, windows are mostly open. This way you get a chance to experience the fresh breeze. The sites become even more exotic, romantic and charming when there is rain outside. These are the real luxuries that people often fail to explore.

Walk in Train

If you like to walk, then you have plenty of space to walk in trains. Yes, who says that you have to sit straight in train throughout your two-day journey? Come on, since you are traveling in a train compartment you have the ease to stroll in the compartment. Of course, there may be narrow ways but something is always better than nothing right?  

Scrumptious Food

In most of the AC compartments, people generally prefer to take train food. Sometimes the food is catered inside the train and the price is included in the fare. Well, since you are traveling in a general compartment, there is no need to panic about the boredom of the same type of food. You can experience different food items on the way. There are plenty of hawkers and sellers that enter and exit the train whenever a station comes. If you have a mobile and internet, you can even go for online ordering of the food. This way food of your choice would get delivered to you right on the next station. The good news is that the train goes through different cities, regions, and states. Since that is the scene, you get to experience the food of different cuisines and areas.

So, don’t put a period on your traveling desires when you can explore the pleasures of traveling that too within your budget through trains.

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