How To Start Your Garden When Budget Is Tight
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How To Start Your Garden When Budget Is Tight

When you want to start a garden, for example when you move into a new home, you may not have a big budget to put it together. But that won’t be a problem if you work in a smarter way. There are lots of tricks to getting garden supplies in place without having a lot of money on hand – like these great tips.

Move your Old Garden

If you are moving to a new home, you might be able to bring some of your garden with you. This depends on the agreement you have with the new owners of your old home, but you can at least bring cuttings and seeds over if nothing else. It’s possible to move your garden so long as you pay attention to some key details, such as keeping the plants alive while you move them and transporting them with care. This can save you money if you were intending to put in the same kinds of plants and flowers anyway.

How To Start Your Garden When Budget Is Tight

Shop Online

There are lots of ways to save money while shopping online, including using coupon codes, looking for discounts, and getting cashback on your purchases. You should be able to get a lot of supplies for your garden under a low budget this way. You can purchase just about anything online, from seeds and planters, to soil and live plants. You can choose to go through a big retailer like Amazon, or to look for a local garden centre which has the right kind of plants you need via an online portal.

Buy Second-Hand

How To Start Your Garden When Budget Is Tight

You may be surprised about what people are selling second-hand. You can find whole apps and websites dedicated to second-hand sales, and the great thing is that you can buy just about anything there. Garden tools are sure to be in good supply, and you may even find people selling off plants as well. If they are downsizing, or looking to change their garden up with some new planting, then it makes more sense to sell the plants off cheaply than to simply throw away a perfectly good specimen. This is a great way to save – and you might find that you pick up a few things for other areas of the house as well!

Do it Yourself

It’s always cheaper to do things your own way than it is to pay someone else to do them for you. While you may not be able to produce perfect quality in your work, you can save a lot of money by deciding to put things together on your own. For example, if you wanted to add an area of decking, you could save money by purchasing timber either second-hand or as off-cuts from a timber processing plant. Then you can work on them to sand them down and paint or varnish them yourself, before nailing them together and building your decking piece by piece. It may take longer, but at the end of it, you’ll be proud to say you achieved something by yourself – and that’s worth even more than the money that you could save.

Your garden doesn’t have to be filled with exotic flowers or expensive decorations to look amazing. Even if you want to have those things, you can still manage to do it on a tighter budget just by being sensible about where you shop and what you buy. When you put these techniques into action, you might be surprised to find just how far you can stretch your budget towards getting your dream garden set up.

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