How To Choose The Best Outdoor Camping Mat

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Camping Mat

As camping catches on as the favorite outdoor activity, Americans are starting to realize the importance of investing in quality sleeping mats for the outdoors. The right one can make the difference between an uninterrupted, restful sleep, & tossing and turning on the jungle floor all night long. A quality outdoor camping mat offers cushioning as well as complete insulation from extreme weather changes.

When you are out by the river or in the woods, a sleeping bag is a necessary accessory and comfort is key to a truly fulfilling experience. That’s why it is essential to make the right choice when it comes to your camping mattress.

First Things First: Types of Sleeping Mats

Several main categories of sleeping pads are available in the market these days. We’ve explained these below in detail. Choose the one that fulfills your camping and resting needs. The sleeping mat will be a part of your camping gear for many years to come, so select one that suit the intensity of your outdoor activities and can accompany you on all your journeys without restricting your travels.

Each of the following types of mattresses is intended to be used in different environments, so make sure you choose the one with the right specifications.

1. Closed-Foam Camping Mattress

These are pretty typical foam mattresses that can be rolled up when traveling and laid down when its time to rest. The close-foam mattress is the most basic type of camping mat. It is commonly available and often the cheapest possible option.

The mattress is made of dense foam, filled with small closed air cells; an inspiration for its name. The closed-foam mattress isn’t very thick though, so if you know that you’ll be camping at a smooth terrain, this one will work just fine. Also, these mats tend to be bulky so only choose one if space isn’t an issue while traveling.

2. Air Camping Mattress

More expensive but lightweight, air mattresses are another excellent option for campers. These can be packed easily and a very convenient for backpackers.

Of course, you will also have to invest in an air pump to inflate the mattress when its time to rest. But the pumps are quite portable too so that shouldn’t be a problem. Air mattresses are designed as an all-season campaign accessory, but it’s a good idea to also invest in additional insulation for the winters.

An air mattress can be inflated up to 3 inches. Some air mattress options are now also available with a built-in hand pump.

3.  Self-Inflating Camping Mattress

If you are in the market for high quality, durable camping mat that can survive the most demanding outdoor terrains, this one’s a winner. Their price falls in between that of the air mattresses and closed-foam mattresses.

This camping mat is made from durable fabrics and is ideal for car camping as well. It offers excellent insulation and firmness adjustment capabilities. You can find these in different sizes varying in widths and thicknesses to suit your comfort needs.

The Last Word

Camping and backpacking have been one of America’s favorite activities for decades. Now thanks to new gadgets and technologically advanced gear, camping is favored by the new generation as well.

A good outdoor camping mat is sure to enhance the pleasure of all your camping activities, ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep for an adventurous day tomorrow. Oh and don’t forget about the camping pillows!

A quality sleeping bag will offer complete cushion and comfort, keeping you warm on cold outdoorsy nights. And hey, these can also come in handy when you are crashing on the floor in your friend’s apartment!

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