The Best Places to Eat in Dubai

If you’re a bit of a foodie, chances are you’re going to love spending a bit of time in Dubai. While this enigmatic city is well-known for its architecture, shopping malls and incredible beaches, it also has a few hidden gems, such as restaurants and cafés that you simply don’t want to miss.

Whether you’re planning to stay in a hotel or you fancy renting one of the many luxury apartments in Dubai, the city has so many eateries you could dine out every day if you wished.


Located in the Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah Beach, COYA is Dubai’s most famous restaurant, and if you are lucky enough to walk through its doors you will understand why. With an inspiring Latin American menu and décor that is simply incredible, COYA should be at the top of your list.  A contemporary venue that has ornate furnishings and décor, the staff here are very helpful, and help to make your dining experience one you’ll not forget, The menu here is very impressive, and you may have a hard time deciding what to eat (The dishes are divine), so ask the staff, and they may have a recommendation for you.


If you’re thinking about dining in a thoroughly modern restaurant that has a great European menu, you need to visit At.mosphere, found in downtown Dubai. If you would like to dine somewhere spectacular, again, this is the place to be, not only because of the restaurant’s smooth, shiny red/brown décor that screams opulence but because it happens to be the highest restaurant in the world.

The menu is distinctly European, with its exotic fruit platters that they offer for breakfast and the seafood that is part of the lunch menu. 442 metres in the air, and with a stunning view, no matter whether you want to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner somewhere special, At.mosphere is definitely the place to be.

Tom & Serg

Known as the best café in Dubai, Tom & Serg is not just any old café, but you’re probably aware by now that dining out in Dubai means you’ll be dining in style. With an almost constantly changing menu, regular visitors will not always know what to order, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Offering Australian-style burgers, desserts, and much more, the café has a clean open plan finish with plenty of seating, and a very modern feel that you’ll love if you tend to frequent coffee houses. Located at the Al Joud Center, Al Quoz on Sheikh Zayed Road, Tom & Serg serves brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, and vegetarian and vegan dishes that are sure to delight.

Arabian Tea House Cafe

Found on Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai, the Arabian Coffee House is one of those places that you simply must visit if you’re a fan of architecture, or you simply want to experience dining somewhere very special. Offering a taste of a traditional Arabian lifestyle, the building has been used as a café since 1997, and it has a holy feel to it. Offering meals that reflect traditional dishes, you can enjoy breakfast, be it a light breakfast or a breakfast tray, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, lunches, afternoon teas that are almost distinctly British in style, and so much more. Decorated in white and blue, and with a team of staff who seem to be more than happy to help, if you want a real taste of local cuisine in a traditional setting, this is the place to be.

The Hide

If you have something of a big appetite, and also known as “The American meatery”, the Hide serves more than just regular steakhouse meals, it serves delightful dishes such as cave-aged beef and dry-aged black Angus rib eye. The good news is that the Hide caters for those who don’t want to sink their teeth into a steak, they also offer sandwiches. Located at Jumeirah Al Qasr, and with a modern twist, you can expect to be impressed by the menu, and the range of dishes on offer.  If you are feeling particularly hungry, or like a bit of a challenge, you may want to opt for the ‘Manwhich’ which consists of brisket, beef, eggs, pickles, cheddar, and more. A real treat if you’re looking for seriously good food for a good price.

Play Restaurant and Lounge

Serving Mediterranean and Asian fusion, and offering a fine dining experience, Play Restaurant and Lounge can be found on Sheikh Zayed Road and is proud to offer you a combination of dishes that come from the Mediterranean, and Asia. This is a restaurant that is very capable of combining these two tastes, and they do it so well. The restaurant itself has an upmarket feel to it, thanks to the patterned wooden finishes that seem to nicely compliment each other. If you want to dine out in style and enjoy an exquisite menu, you need to visit the Play Restaurant and Lounge and enjoy the sumptuous offerings.

Foodies will no doubt love their time in Dubai, thanks to the wide range of restaurants and cafés that can be found across the city. Locally produced food is usually a little cheaper and fresher than some meals, and it supports the local economy too, so why not eat a few traditional dishes during your stay, as well as those plates of steak or afternoon tea you already know you adore.

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