How To Choose The Right College Major: Essential Steps

How To Choose The Right College Major: Essential Steps

As a rite of passage into adulthood, you will have to choose a college major. It can be overwhelming to many especially if you have no idea of what you would like to pursue. Yes, you are thrilled by the thought of finally becoming independent but at the door of your independence is this major decision.

Where do you start? How do you know what is right for you? These are some of the questions rummaging through your mind. At this point and time, the thought of writing a research proposal doesn’t seem as daunting to you.

But it shouldn’t lead to panic. Not all hope is lost for you in pursuing a successful and satisfying career.

What is a major?

Before we delve into the intricacies of choosing a major, you have to understand what it is, first. It is the area that you wish to specialize in your college studies. It will be in addition to the general college requirements that you will have to meet.

One important thing to remember is that your choice of major won’t necessarily lock you in a particular field, forever. Many graduates find themselves in areas that are way different from what they pursued. Your choice doesn’t guarantee your future.

Many have little to no idea of where to start. How do you progress from here?

Steps in Choosing your College Major


To make an ideal choice, you have to know your options. What majors sound interesting to you? Explore the numerous university websites, forums, and even blogs. If you already have a college of choice where you desire getting admitted to, find out what majors they offer.

Talk to your academic counselors and teachers too. If possible find a person, who has completed or pursuing a particular major of interest and ask their opinion on the same. Asking for advice doesn’t mean that you have to abide by it.


It is difficult for one to be the only one in a group of friends, who has no clue of what their major will be in college. To add on to that; there’s the pressure of facing unemployment upon graduation. This stress affects one’s decision making.

If you are a long way from getting into college, don’t let this worry you. It is time to explore and understand the various options available. Just how you would apply to finding the right PhD paper writing service.

It is a process after all. And even those people who knew their choice of major straight from birth may change it when they get to college. Take your time before committing yourself. Some schools allow students up to the second year, to declare a major.

Narrow down your Options

By now we believe that you are ready for college, and have a few ideas of the majors you could pursue. If you find what intrigues you, you don’t need to wait too long to make the final decision. Keep an open mind and trust your gut.

You never know if you would find delight in economics, without taking the introductory class to economics. If you are able, you can even choose a double major. You can also find assessment tools by the school to help you choose a major.

Know what you want

Different factors influence our decision making. Some gravitate towards majors that have a prospective future in opportunities. Others look at the pay scale. What will I get from my investment in college education?

You need to figure out what you want out of your major. Maybe you want to write a novel, or just make enough to live comfortably.

Explore your interests

Try out the field that appeals to you. It’s not a Phd research proposal writing service, where you immediately need to know the exact area. You can even enroll in the classes without taking credit or grade for it.

Choose one that excites you.


It may be challenging to choose a major, having to factor in various elements. Keep an open mind and remember, you can always change from one major to another if what you settled for, isn’t fulfilling.

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