Benefits Of Green Tea: What John and Riya Are Saying About It? Let’s Read!
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Benefits Of Green Tea: What John and Riya Are Saying About It? Let’s Read!

Riya arrived very late at night and she never came at that time to home. As she has to consider her body more as she is gaining weight day by day. The next morning, she woke up at around 6 AM and she has no memory what she did. “Good Morning John! Would you like to have some green tea?” she asked me. “No, Thanks! You enjoy the benefits of green tea. I will enjoy myself with coffee flavor.”

“OK, as I am gaining weight day-by-day, I have decided to reduce my weight starting with green tea. The thought provoked me this morning and I want to enjoy all the possible health benefits of green tea.”

“You’ll my dear, just do what you like to shape up the body. It’s no wonder to reduce weight and it’s not a complex thing. By the way, do you know what the weight loss tea can do to your body?” I replied her in a sarcastic tone. She gave a strange look while having a sip of the green tea, her eyebrows raising.

She gently moving her fingers around the vapor rising red colored cup. After a while, she said, “Well, green tea decrements the cholesterol in the body and also speeds up the process of fat burning.”

“Do you know that the benefits of green tea are due to a heavy presence of polyphenols and antioxidants in it? Also, it can give you healthy skin and hair.”

“Yes, my dear. I knew it. I know you knew everything and I don’t have knowledge as you have,” she chuckled. “Oh, common, not now. Could you brief me about the timings on when to have green tea and possible advantages of green tea?”

“Sure. Green tea purely has low-calories and no fat concentration in it. It completely makes the stomach lighter through its flavor. Also, you should not consume this tea by adding sugar,” Riya continued.

“So that means adding sugar will not help the individuals to lose weight. This is what you want to say?” I added. “Not exactly, adding sugar will lessen the power of green tea and you will feel some unease if you add so. However, you can have matcha green tea for about two to three times a day. Having a cup of green tea soon after waking up would be a better choice, especially for the individuals those who want to lose weight.”

“The body may become dehydrated if the tea is chosen for more than three times in a day. In fact, it’s a booster of metabolism,” a gentle tone quoted.

She grabbed a pillow from the sofa and looking at her iPhone’s screen, “let me explain you in a clear way about all the benefits of green tea.”

“Are you gonna search the web for the benefits?” “No. I have studied few research-oriented stuff, so I will explain them accordingly.” I had noticed a frustration and a kind of anger in her tone.

Obtain the Health Through the Benefits of Green Tea

1. Bioactive Compounds Say Goodbye to Imperfections

“As I told earlier, green tea is enriched with polyphenols, these are about 30% by weight and will safeguard from causing a cell or molecule damage in the body. Another bioactive compound called catechin – involved in fighting with the free radicals.”

2. Booster of Brain Function

Riya, “I have listened that the organic green tea triggers the brain functioning in order to keep it active.”

“That’s what I was about to add. Yes, it will! Caffeine content in the green tea blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitter, Adenosine. This neurotransmitter occupies space in the brain due to the degradation of ATP molecule. However, caffeine will fire up the neurons and increases the concentration of neurotransmitters. Moreover, caffeine optimizes the function of the brain, vigilance, reacting time, and memory.”

“Too much of caffeine content is harmful. Then how can green tea is for weight loss as it can show other side effects in the body?” I questioned her.

Smiling gently, “Caffeine concentration in green tea is less when compared with coffee. And, it does not show any side effects. It’s very less. Understood, Mr. John?” she said in a rising tone. OK, chill. Please continue about the health benefits of green tea.”

3. Fights with Fat, Enhances Physical Performance

“It quickly burns the fat which is more than or equal to gm diet plan and is a great metabolism booster. In fact, the effects of green tea vary from person to person. A refreshment could be seen in the body as one takes the sips of green tea.”

“Even a study proves this fact. A 12-week observation was considered for 240 men and women. A significant fat burning is observed in these individuals. Obesity, belly fat, weight, and circumference of the waist will be reduced through organic green tea.

According to my knowledge, green tea has these benefits.”

“Hmmm.. It seems you have pretty good knowledge about green tea and I do accept that it’s the best tea for weight loss. Few more points to be added which I believe. Green tea reduces the cardiovascular risks and shields the brain from the attack of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s like diseases.

You can improve the dental health and defend the body against infections. It also has an ability to fight with Type 2 Diabetes. Because it safeguards the individuals from these many illnesses, diseases, an1d infections, a person can breathe longer and live longer.:”

It’s necessary that in today’s world many are lacking in the knowledge on of what they are having; it may be diet or anything. A wise choice by knowing at least what it does to the body is needed.”

“Yes, I think you’re right! OK then, I will get ready to the office.” “OK fine, let’s continue our day.”

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