How-to Choose The Best Car Cover For Your Vehicle

How-to Choose The Best Car Cover For Your Vehicle

Making the right choice of a car cover could appear like a challenging task. The situation may prove to be a little more daunting owing to the many car covers being produced by the dealers. You will certainly be lost for choice at the sight of the different varieties of covers you will find out there in the market. So, what would be the perfect choice of a car cover for you? Well, there are a number of factors to consider as would be highlighted herein.

Considerations to make for your car cover 

There definitely are determining factors that should define and dictate the type of car cover to choose for your car. Here is a detailed description of what you should look into prior to settling on the final choice of a car cover.

  • Your car parking slot. It’s obvious that the location of your parking is a big determining factor of what cover to use for your car. This probably should be your starting point. The cover choice for a daily commuter car and that of a hobby car is definitely different. Similarly, the case would also different in a scenario where you park your car outside or if you garage it at home.

A lightweight car cover to be used outdoors would be the best choice for your daily commute car usually parked outside. The lightweight cover is a perfect choice since it makes folding and storing it much easier and faster. For this application, go for a light car cover that can fold to the size of a folded sleeping bag. Over and above this, it should be able to offer effective protection against mild weather conditions.

A parking site next to children’s playground would warrant an additional protection layer. Choose a cover that has more bulk storage with heavy and thick characteristics that provide exceptional protection from scratches. However, a lightweight indoor cover is a sufficient choice if you usually garage your car daily.

  • The Prevailing Weather Conditions.  Different weather conditions would dictate the type of car cover to choose for your car. If you live in a coastal area, your car cover should be able to withstand salt air. Look for the marine-grade Sunbrella type of the WeatherShield HD cover.  If you are located within a mile off the coastal areas, you need covers that can provide defense against salt attack.

For the wet regions, make sure that your car cover is resistant to water. This might be somewhat more challenging than you think. The car cover should be made of a fabric that will keep out water and still be able to breathe. A good example is the StormProof car cover and the Noah car cover. With these types of fabrics, you will get protection from premium wet weather.

Should you need a car cover for the hot, dry and sunny conditions, all you need is a blanket that offers protection against Ultra-Violet rays. Ideally, the cover should provide you with reflective characteristics to offer protection against the photo degradation and control the heat. The Sunbrella fabric is a good choice since it prevents more UV rays from reaching your car.

  • Color of the Fabric. Last but not least in importance is the fabric color. You would find out that color varieties are readily available for your own choosing. However, that is not the point. The color of the fabric contributes a lot to the type of outdoor protection to expect. For sunny and warm conditions, it is highly recommended that you choose a light-colored fabric to offer outdoor protection. If you need good reflective qualities, go for a silver coloring. Soft colors are highly desirable for sunny conditions.

For a light color vehicle, go for a cover that has a light color. Note that a light weight car cover that has a brightly colored fabric could bleed UV light energy. In such a case, the best choice would be a light colored car cover like the Noah car cover. 

The Bottom Line 

A lot goes into the choice of a car cover that will determine its usefulness in offering protection for your car. It all starts with where you normally park your car and how often you park it. The much your car will remain exposed or parked will determine what type of protection you would need for it. The prevailing weather conditions and color of the fabric used in making the car cover would also come into play. Described here is how to choose the best car cover for your vehicle. Make the best use of this information!

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