4 Best Babymoon Destinations In The World

4 Best Babymoon Destinations In The World

A babymoon is not just some new trend, but actually quite an important way for couples to relax before their life turns upside down. Having a child can be an amazing experience, but also very demanding. Hence, it is best for a couple to get away while they can and enjoy this time.

What’s more, a decent babymoon can relax both parents, especially the mother. They can then go back refreshed and recharged, more ready for the birthing process and the crazy life ahead! We compiled some of the best babymoon destinations for you below

1. Rancho Valencia – Rancho Santa Fe, CA

At the Ranchi Valencia, you would find something more than just a place to stay. Your room would be more of a casita, with olive groves as far as the eye can see. You not even want to leave your suite, which features a tub with your very own patio.

The attraction outside your accommodations includes a massage especially put together for expectant mothers. There is also a huge Watsu pool along with other amenities in the spa, which has just been renovated. There are also some Porches you can take out for a ride free of charge.

For more activities, you can look towards playing tennis, and even go on a hot air balloon ride to watch the sunset. All in all, it’s a beautiful choice destined to make many romantic memories.

2. L’Auberge Sedona – Sedona, AZ

This resort is located in the desert; more specifically, within an oasis. The view is very different from that of other babymoon destinations, with red rock encircling the whole area. You may even fancy yourself in a fantasy world of your own imagination.

There’s no need to worry about the heat here since L’Auberge Sedona is located right next to Oak Creek. The air is hence as cool and fresh as you can wish. You can relax by the creekside, or in your room with a real fireplace. There is also a picturesque and relaxing outdoor cedar shower.

For your dietary needs, there is a four-course dinner included in the babymoon package. What’s more, you would be served this amazing repast by the creekside. If you still crave more relaxation, get in touch with your chakras through the special healing session or meditation. There are also several astronomy tours to jog the romance and prenatal spa options for a relaxed mommy-to-be.

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3. The Fairmont Hamilton Princess – Bermuda

Bermuda may lie in the Caribbean, but it has more than exhausting parties and nonstop festivities. At the Fairmount Hamilton, expecting couples can find a beautiful white beach paired with a teal ocean. You could imagine yourself in a classy English resort since the vibe here is the same.

Nearby is the town of Hamilton. Visitors can use this location to enjoy the quaint views, take little walks, and get some shopping done for home. The houses there are painted in bright and colorful hues, so you may even decide on a unique shade for the nursery. You can complete the English experience with a round on the golf links. Afterwards, refresh your mind and soothe your body with a bountiful high tea! All in all, this is the perfect place for couples to completely unwind and get ready for the big day.

4. The Carlyle Hotel – New York City

If your taste is more towards that of a bustling, busy city, the Carlyle hotel may be the best babymoon destination for you. New York is the city that never sleeps, and the posh side of it would offer you all the amenities you need. You can experience the culture by visiting the Museum Mile, which is just a step away from the Carlyle. Make the most of your time before you have to start appreciating finger painting!

What would a stay in New York be without some great shopping? There are several amazing stores for children’s clothing that could provide you with all you need and more.


After a honeymoon, couples should seriously think about going for a babymoon when the time comes. Expectant mothers and their partners are increasingly finding babymoons an effective method for preparing themselves–both physically and mentally.

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