TOP 10 Incredible Facts About Canada That Are Absolutely True

Canada is very beautiful country with mass of unique and exciting places. Do you think that you are expert in Canadian interesting places? Oh, you are not! This is a good chance to meet a number of interesting facts about Canada that everyone should know.

Wild animals are unstoppable in Canada

The Newfoundland Island is a place, where the road accidents, when the car rushes the elk are typical. There are about 500-600 accidents a year. The Newfoundland is rated as the territory with the highest concentration of elks in the world. The Globe and Mail says that about 5-10% of incidents are finished with the serious damages of animals. It was approved the 5-years plan of elks care and protection.

Canadians like Jeeps

Canada is the place of building such popular car brands as Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota, General Motors and others. It also produces its own car brands that are not very popular for the mass market. What are the favorite Canadian cars? Much attention is paid to the car quality and reliability. It is very important for one or another car to be reliable support in all weather. As you know, the climate situation in Canada is not the easiest in the world. So, Jeep is the best variant for you. All travellers prefer using the Canada Jeep car rental locations to be ready for cold weather and hard road.

Jeep Life

Canadians eat macaroni

It’s an interesting fact for gourmands. Macaroni with cheese Kraft Dinner is the most popular product in Canada. Canadians eat about 3,2 packages of macaroni a year. It is 55% more than Americans do. Do you remember the words from the popular Canadian song If I Had a Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies: If I had a million dollars / we wouldn’t have to eat Kraft Dinner / but we would eat Kraft Dinner / of course we would, we’d just eat more. There is nothing to add.

Canadian Forests take the equal square with the forests of Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, and the USA all together.

The forest territories in Canada occupy about 348 millions of hectares. Natural Resources Canada affirms that the green territory is as big as the forest missives of Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden and the USA all together.

Canadians like maple syrup

Of course, Canadians like tasty food, like Poutine potato and Nanaimo dessert. But most of all, they like maple syrup. Canada is the biggest exporter of the maple syrup in the world. It’s about 8 908 gallons of the syrup from 10 847 maple farms. 91% of the syrup is produced in Quebec.

Vermont Maple Syrup

Canadians like visiting Tim Hortons fast-food

About 15% of Canadian citizens visit Tim Hortons fast-food cafes every day. They like eating coffee and donuts. It is about 5,3 millions of people. What is more, Tim Hortons sell about 2 milliards cups of coffee to be 80% of all sales in Canada.

Canada takes the 9th place in the world for the smallest population

Canada takes the 9th place for the smallest population. Of course, the most of people are concentrated in the cities and villages. The biggest part of Canada is very desert to be the perfect place for nature lovers. The snow covers the ground about 10 months a year. There are also many places, where always is snowy. The warmest month is July. The highest temperature is about 37-38 degrees. The lowest temperature is about 33 degrees cold.

Bow Lake, Canada

Lacrosse game was born in Canada

The sport game la cross was born in Canada. It was the game for locals only. Then, there were 4 different types of lacrosse – lacrosse on the grass, male and female lacrosse, intercrosse. The game was founded in the year 1100. Traditionally, there are more than 1000 Canadian lacrosse players. The size of the field is about 3 kilometers.

West Edmonton Mall is the Biggest Mall in the North America

The West Edmonton Mall is situated in Edmonton. It was the biggest trade center in the world. It takes only 10th position now. Nevertheless, it boasts to be the second big park of attractions in the Earth. It is the biggest mall in the North America. How big is it? The parking zone welcomes about 20 000 of cars all together and more than 800 different shops and 23 000 of employees. More than 60 000 – 150 000 clients come here every day. What can you see here? Oh, you may come and see the Galaxyland – the indoor park of attractions. You may also visit a big water attractions park, mini-golf, indoor lake, skating rink, casino, night club and big concert hall. Enjoy your trip to the country that

West Edmonton Mall

Canadians like hockey

Canadians like playing hockey, watch hockey and speak about the hockey. When the hockey season starts, there is nothing as important as watching sport on TV, stadium, whatever. According to the statistics, about 75% of Canadians always watch play-off series on TV. It is about 26 millions of people. The most popular game was Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins match that was a big enjoyment for 4, 29 millions of people. The bets were very high.

If you think that hockey fans give their competent support from their cozy chairs, sofas, and sport bars, you are wrong. They were in the majority in the stands. Again, according to the ESPN comments Montreal Canadienstook took the honorable 2nd place about the attendance. The first place was given to the popular team Chicago Blackhawks. The next best-visiting tem was Toronto Maple Leafs. More than 809 519 people visited their match. It was great! Canadians do love hockey!

Of course, there are many other things that Canadians usually do and like to do. This is the only a small part of Canada likes and preferences. It not the unknown place for you anymore! You should visit Canada and add the list from this article with your own useful expressions. Enjoy your travelling and meet Canada – the second big country with lots of incredible facts.

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