Must Do In Rio De Janeiro

What The Unique Rio de Janeiro Has To Offer For Tourists

Must See Tourist Sites

Tourism is a huge part of Rio de Janerio. The most popular site is Christ the Redeemer which is an Iconic Christ Statue atop a mountain. Other popular sites are Sugarloaf Mountain, Corcovado, Ipanema, Parque Lage, Leblon, Botafogo, and countless more. Walk and respect the scenery, there are many beaches where you can enjoy the sun and water. Visit as many sites because all of them are different and offer something.

Dine with Locals

This is our chance to learn more about the locals. You can learn about their traditions and culture. Also, it can be an enjoyable experience talking and making new friends.

Night Life

Rio knows how to party. From the hedonistic revelry of Carnival to the city’s massive New Year’s celebrations, Rio loves nothing better than to let its hair down. It is hardly surprising then, that Rio de Janeiro nightclubs are both abundant and lively. What can come as a surprise to visitors, however, is the fact that the city’s famous party spirit can actually be a little difficult to uncover.


Rio de Janeiro has a large selection of foods that many haven’t tried before. Over Thousands of restaurants to choose from. Famous snack in Rio de Janeiro is flan. Some foods to try are Moqueca which is a fish stew, it is simple and fish is diced into onions and other things. One drink to try is Cachaca which is made from fermented sugarcane. It is Brazil’s national cocktail. A dessert to try is Quindim, which is a yellow sweet made from eggs, sugar, and coconut. The firm custard has a smooth texture which can be pleasant to eat.

Out Door Activities

Rio de Janeiro has a Tandem Paragliding Tour which is a must do because you paraglide and see how it feels to glide like a bird. Also, have a full view of the city. Other activities are Tijuca Rain Forest Jeep Tour which we are in a jeep and explore the forest.

Art and Culture

Learning about Art and Culture can be important and also very exciting. There is a thing like Teatro Municipal which explores arts through Brazilian culture. Another place is Museu do Amanha which is devoted to range over science, art, technology, and culture.

Park and Nature

Park and Nature is a peaceful way to enjoy life and relax stress and Rio de Janeiro has many parks and is full of nature. One park is Parque Florestal da Tijuca; this place is located in the middle of Rio and is connected to three different directions.

Food Tours in Rio De Janeiro

The Food Tour Rio is a stunning tour with much amazing food and circumambient. Exploring and tasting a lot of the food in Rio De Janerio. The food included fruits, snacks, beer, bread, desserts, dishes, and cold drinks. We traveled to many locations in Rio de Janerio; such locations are Cinelândia, Santa Teresa, Arcos da Lapa, Selaron Stairs, and more. We stop in many restaurants to try the food which is always astonishing trying new flavors. The tour is also back to back which makes it possible to see more in a shorter period of time.

Miguel, passionate traeller who visit more thn 50 countries in last 5 years.