Are You Going To Buy Galaxy S8 or Waiting For Galaxy S9?

For anyone interested in Galaxy S8 phone? First of all, it is those who transplanted from the iPhone, and strives to maintain a compact body, and at the same time get longer battery life and better display. The transition from the previous generation of Samsung’s sixes deprived of much sense, unless you do not have money to spare and itching that there is a model that is better in many ways. But still people are ready for wait for Samsung Galaxy S9 release date.

Among the flagships S8 looks like a balanced solution on the one hand, this is a typical value for the base version (the most affordable flagship 2017), on the other hand – the maximum technology and significantly improved ergonomics solutions. Despite his love for PHABLET, I am again considering S8 as a second phone in a couple of S8 EDGE / S7 EDGE Plus, since it is compact and does not concede his older brother in anything other than the diagonal of the screen. This all sounds attractive, but in the Samsung Galaxy S9 it is going to be better.

Time goes by, and yesterday’s ideas about beauty evaporate like mist. Remember, more recently, we considered thin phones in half a centimeter thick, and in fact it is some ten years ago. Exactly the same situation with the fact that to be compact phone today, in my opinion, this is a model with a diagonal of 4.5-4.7 inches, while the most massive steel devices with a screen 5 inches. And gradually people transplanted it on such phones, considering their size convenient, today it is a big part of the smartphones on the market. The same S8 fits in a cohort of such devices, has a good size for them – 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm, weight – 152 grams. Similar design can be used in Galaxy S9 too.

The ergonomics of the device – this is something to work day and night, the impressions of the model compared to S7 vary widely. This device falls like a glove in your hand. Compared to S8 EDGE due to absence of the beveled front face as it, you feel much more comfortable S8. No slip in his hand, lays down, as though there always is. Of course, these are individual experiences, someone unit may not like it, it all depends on your habits and the size of the hand. But it came to me perfectly. And most importantly, that there are not any difficulties in order to dial a number with one hand on the go, it is quite possible without acrobatics.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy S8 is a brilliant smartphone, but wait for Samsung Galaxy S9 can be worth.