technical debt

Managing Tech Debt Is A Continuous Effort

If you want to save your software company from an early death, then you must manage tech debt which is inevitable in software development and programming. These tech debts when left unattended for a long time may cause serious problems and even endanger the survival of your company. Therefore, you must keep a check on these debts, their accumulation and find the right time and ways to refactor it. This is a constant process which you cannot let go for even a day as you do not know when a defect in your code may arise. Focus on the critical modules, redesign or rework on it if need be, discard legacy codes and much more to save your company and be in a better position to compete with your rivals.

Reasons Of Tech Debts

Tech debt can creep in a code due to several reasons. It may be simply because it has been designed by ignorant people without taking into consideration of all the aspects. It may also be that they were compelled to do so facing constant pressure from the owner or other powers to be to release it early. When there are such shortcuts taken in designing code, tech debt is sure to creep in. Shortcuts are used when you have to release a code early so that you can stay in the race and compete with others.

Managing Tech Debt Is A Continuous Effort

Keep A Constant Check

Therefore, keep a constant check that such practices are not followed so that tech debt formation can be reduced. Also keep a check by using several automated checking tools available to test and re-run codes so that any defect in it can be detected at the earliest. When you find one, do not let it hang there for long but address it, rework on it immediately so that it does not accumulate any further to reach to unmanageable proportions. Having no plan readily available for refactoring a defective code may prove fatal for your company. You must also have a strict vigil on all your teams to find out their attitude towards tech debt.

Have Proper Knowledge

It is also elementary that you have proper knowledge about tech debt so that you can communicate with your entire teams well. It will benefit the developmental objective as well as the architecture of the software program. If you know the proper annotations and design, you can suggest easy and simple ways for debugging and sometimes even do it without having to rebuild it altogether, as any of your team may have suggested. You can use the latest technology for designing, use the best tools for proper maintenance and above all no one can take you for a ride and waste currency, work hour and clients.

Train Your Team

You must also keep a regular training program with all your teams and not only with the team responsible for development. Your management team, marketing, and other teams also must participate in the training program to have adequate knowledge to communicate with each other well to create a healthy working environment. You can click here to know more about such training programs.