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How An R2L Radiation Reducer Helps In Reducing The Harmful Effects Of Using Mobile Phones

Millions of people around the world use their mobile phones regularly throughout the day, whether for voice calls and texting or for web browsing, social media and gaming. But advice from the World Health Organisation, NHS Choices and other reputable sources suggests that this kind of prolonged exposure to the radiation emitted by handsets can be dangerous, especially for children.

The R2L radiation reducer is the ideal product for anyone who is worried about the damage that might be done by their mobile device. And thankfully, its functions and benefits are fairly simple to understand.

Capturing Radiation

When a mobile phone is on, it is constantly emitting microwave signals to stay connected to or seek out the nearest network tower. Much of this is wasted when it is absorbed by the user’s body, so the R2L steps in to effectively soak up the radiation itself rather than leaving users exposed to it.

The technology it deploys allows it to transform the airborne microwave signals into an electrical current. This is then used to power the integrated LED, which in turn uses up this energy to create visible light which is completely harmless to humans.

Radiation can be captured across every frequency band within which mobile devices currently operate, from 2.1GHz at the upper end of the scale right down to 450MHz. This makes it future-proof and capable of adapting over time even as new frequencies are introduced by providers.

Easy Installation

While you might expect the R2L to be a bulky add-on to your device of choice, the opposite is true. It is a wafer-thin product which is so small that it can even be affixed directly to the antenna of your device beneath its external casing, if this is easy to get to.

For handsets which cannot be disassembled at home, the R2L can fit on to the exterior surface of the frame or on to whatever case or cover you might have invested in to protect the physical integrity of your smartphone.

Installing it is as simple as turning on your phone and activating a data-intensive process, such as streaming a video, when not connected to Wi-Fi. You can then place the R2L on to the back of your device and move it around until you locate the area at which the LED flashes the brightest, indicating that it is in the right spot.

Other Uses

Because it is designed to affix to a number of different device types, it is possible to combine the R2L with gadgets other than smartphones which also emit mobile signals. This can include things like laptop computers and tablet PCs, which might also cause users to be exposed to radiation if action is not taken.

The R2L is an inexpensive and potentially invaluable way to turn mobile radiation into light and prevent it causing health complications for avid smartphone users. Its cutting-edge technology truly can tackle the potential harmful effects of mobile phones.