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Understanding The Characteristics Of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, is one of the best means of storing and retrieving data in the Internet, rather than storing data in the computer hard drive. It is also known as a large pool of systems that helps us to stay connected with private or public networks and to provide enthusiastically accessible infrastructure for file storage, application, and data.

Understanding The Characteristics Of Cloud Computing

Rene Bostic is the Vice President for Cloud Technical Sales for IBM North America. For almost more than three decade Rene has worked for IBM. Ms. Bostic is very much dedicated to enhancing operating competences. She is also obsessive about emerging technologies, and cloud computing. She states that cloud computing can be differentiated from traditional hosting on the basis of five fundamental characteristics which include:

  • Measured Service
  • On-demand self service
  • Resource Pooling
  • Broad Network Access
  • Flexibility

In easy languages, cloud computing refers to the storage and retrieval of info and requests in the internet in place of keeping them on local hard drives. The information retrieved goes back to the days of graphs, presentations, and flowcharts where the server infrastructure stores and gives out information. Rene says that the high demand for cloud computing is further improved by the benefits of high computing power, cheap service costs, scalability and higher performance and stress-free availability and accessibility.

Rene Bostic during the course of her tenure has preserved a history of maintaining and establishing customer relations built on dependence, excellent service, and receptiveness. She enjoys her work because it unlocks chances for making a variance to clienteles by winning large-scale business contests.

As a precisely erudite and business-savvy proficient, Ms. Bostic communicates the goals of organization with clearness, assurance, vision, and a roadmap for attainment. Under her management, she has backed, mentored, and trained many employees. Under her leadership, most of them were placed to get national appreciation such as, Black Engineer of the Year, Distinguished Engineer career goals, and Women-In-Technology.

With cloud computing, providers as well as users, have a way of modifying their Internet in order to save privacy, save money, and all around, save time. These are the kinds of models that are used in all aspects of the Internet nowadays. The layers that you will find in clouds consist of the application, the client, the platform, the server and the infrastructure. All these levels team up to generate the definite cloud that is required.

Rene Bostic says that there are many types of cloud strategies among which the common ones include

  • Public: This is considered as the cheapest and the easiest one to employ. It is available to everyone on the Internet since it is shared by thousands of customers’ here.
  • Private: A private cloud is either a data center or a proprietary network that offers hosted services to just a particular client.
  • Hybrid cloud solutions: It is a combination of both public and private cloud.

Thus, it can be said that cloud computing has transformed the way technology is used to share information and resources.