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Twins Birthday Party Ideas

For all those who have twins, it is not always double trouble, there is double fun too. Especially when you are throwing a birthday party for your twins. You might think that it is not an easy task to handle, but trust me, it is better than having parties for siblings of different age groups.

Here is how –

  • You will have to work only once a year to organise a birthday party as they are twins. If they were not twins, you would have to go about the same routine twice every year.
  • As your kids are twins, they will be in the same class and will have the same group of friends. So, you do not have to invite different set of children. This means less mess in your party.

Now coming to the party, birthday parties of children should be full of fun, activities, games, food, decorations, and music. Make sure that you get them all right. When you are planning the party, always remember that your twins are two separate individuals. They might have unique personalities, tastes and likes. Make sure you plan something that will please both the children and not let down any of them.

Here are some tips to plan a nice twin’s birthday party –

Invitation –

Choose invites that match your twins’ party theme. It will be great if your twins can write the invites themselves. They can draw a picture or two and colour the invitations. It will feel more personalised.

Cake –

Decide if you are going to have one huge cake or two little ones. Also decide on the theme of the cake, flavour and colour. If the twins agree on everything fine, otherwise, get two different cakes that they will be cutting at the same time. Order the cakes before hand and store the delivered birthday cake in the refrigerator.

Twins Birthday Party Ideas

Theme –

Choosing one theme for two children can be tough if they have different tastes. You can just merge the two themes like batman and superman or angry birds and Pokémon. The more the merrier. Let the colour co-ordination be of the two favourite colours of your twins. There should be no chance of one twin feeling biased. So, treat both their choices equally.

Food –

Children love cakes, pastries, doughnuts and snacks. You can serve cup cakes with party theme toppings. Serve fresh juices, lemonade and milkshakes instead of colas and soft drinks. It is good for the children’s health. In the end you can give cupcakes as a thank you gift for each of your little guests to take home. Talk to the cake delivery company and get the cupcakes baked like you want.

Activities –

What is children’s party without some fun? Arrange games such as double trouble, where the kids can play in pairs.

Birthday parties of children will be fun to arrange and host. If you are in charge of everything, you do not have to worry about anything going wrong. Even if things go wrong, relax, it is a children’s party and they do not mind like adults do. Have fun with your kids.