Streaming Analytics Platforms Improve Computing Quality For Many

Right now, streaming analytics takes place in data centers. This arrangement can be improved upon to make computing systems more efficient. The approach being offered by many these days is to take streaming analytics out of the data center and move it closer to the originating source. The benefits are many, leading to increased efficiency in terms of time, money and storage space.

Streaming Analytics Platform

The proposal put forth by some in the industry is an analytics platform that joins an enterprise-grade data application to a lightweight streaming engine. These proponents perceive positives of such a setup.

How can a streaming analytics platform improve a computing system?

Following are five areas where a streaming analytics platform can make things better for users.

Cyber Security

Both businesses and individuals can improve functionality by moving streaming analytics closer to the source. Cyber security is an area that users have seen better results. They can identify malware and other potentially harmful intrusions well in advance.

Streaming Analytics Platforms Improve Computing Quality For Many

Time is of the essence when viruses are involved. Rather than wait to eradicate a damaging bug, conducting streaming analytics in this improved fashion allows users to take care of the situation even before it infects the system.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud is becoming more commonplace these days. Cyber criminals can take advantage of glitches and security weaknesses from anywhere. Almost everyone is a potential victim.

Having streaming analytics closer to home is a way to protect against fraud. Systems have been found to be better able to discern which transactions are in need of immediate attention with the data more readily available.

System Maintenance

Efficient computer use is based largely upon being able to use the system in the first place. If the system is broken then it is of little value. Moving streaming analytics out of the data center via a platform allows predictive maintenance to occur in a more rapid fashion. Systems can quickly identify aberrations in the machine and connected devices when closer to them.

Customer Service

Businesses can improve upon the customer experience by employing this approach. They can use the streaming data to gain insights into just what their customers desire. There is an amazing amount of information available in stored data. Having such knowledge made available directly to marketing and sales personnel allows them to personalize each interaction as much as possible. Consequently, customer retention will probably increase.

Data Storage Space Saving

One of the biggest wastes of space is redundant copying of transferred data. Quite often, each device in a system stores data sent from other connected devices. The result is wasted space as multiple copies of the same information sits across the system.

Stream management via a platform helps businesses and individuals clean data while it is still in motion. Only that which is needed gets retained. Businesses can save storage space, which results in increased computing speed.

Moving Streaming Analytics Out of the Data Center

As seen here, there are a wealth of potential benefits of moving streaming analytics out of the data center with a platform. Increased efficiency is something all computer users should strive to attain.

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