What To Do While In The Golden City Of Jaisalmer?

While searching for an impeccable heritage holiday, Jaisalmer holiday packages are the most searched after package trips in India. Jaisalmer has the plushness of the royal conventions and traditions, and has the credible Rajasthani art and music. Here’s a little rundown of spots and things one must experience while in this city.

What To Do While In The Golden City Of Jaisalmer

1. Maharaja’s Palace

The Maharaja’s Palace towers over the Jaisalmer Fort’s primary square and is a seven storeyed structure of the Maharaja of Jaisalmer. The visit through this castle is one hair rising experience with a selective showcase of the finest and rarest pieces from the previous ruler’s trove. The highlights of the visit to the royal residence are the Rang Mahal, Queen’s Palace, and the all encompassing perspectives of the city from the housetop.

2. Jaisalmer Fort

Standing solid since 1647, the Jaisalmer Fort is the point of interest of the Golden City of Jaisalmer. On entering Jaisalmer, one can’t disregard this superb sight of the fortification sitting above the city with a stature of 250 feet. Privately known as the Sonar Qila, the Jaisalmer Fort is the most looked for after vacation destination in the city. The wells inside of the post serve as the primary source of water to nearly one fourth of the city’s people that still resides inside of the stronghold premises. Stunned?

3. Kuldhara Abandoned Village

In for some spooky experience? Indeed, on the off chance that you choose to visit this surrendered town of Kuldhara, prepare yourself for an eerie looking street that escorts the town and expect to be invited by a somewhat terrifying looking old man who collects the visit charge. The Kuldhara Village has an extremely well known legend connected with it which you should listen to from a couple of local people left in the surrendered site.

4. Queen Harish

Indeed, this isn’t any old piece or ruler from the past as yet portraying the stories of her past, however a diamond of a man, a male, who spruces up like a lady and can give any gifted lady artist a run for her money in context of performance. Very much a well known fascination in Jaisalmer, the dance moves of Queen Harish is gradually going viral throughout the world, with some Japanese, American, and Indian dance enthusiasts eager to learn this one of a kind dance form from this person. Your trip to Jaisalmer is inadequate without watching Queen Harish’s immaculate dances moves.


Jodhpur Airport is the nearest and the most favored air terminal for Jaisalmer since the city does not have a commercial air base. So, for instance, if you are looking for Jaisalmer Mumbai flights, then you might not have a direct connectivity. Also, bear in mind to carry with you some warm garments since the evenings in Jaisalmer are really cold. Bon Voyage!