Samsung's New Portable SSD Puts 2TB In Your Pocket

Samsung’s New Portable SSD Puts 2TB In Your Pocket

South Korean tech giant Samsung announced the Portable SSD T3, successor to the T1 and a 2TB micro-drive that uses a single cable for both power and data transfer, It Support data transfer speed up to 450 MB/s, Especially compatible with the latest generation of Android smartphones and tablets.

Samsung has already launched sleek design and fast data transfer SSD T1. at CES 2015, T1 is a handy Portable SSD, It was small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, including USB 3.0,  for connecting it to other devices, It supports data transfer speed up to 450MB/s. And the new Samsung Portable SSD T3 comes with three different models, one with 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB, It is four times faster than a traditional external hard drive.

Samsung's New Portable SSD Puts 2TB In Your Pocket

The portable SSD T3 includes many improvements. Starting with its design, it is able to withstand a drop of two meters high without any problems. This is an upgrade version of Samsung’s previous T1 drive, This device also compatible with the 12-inch Retina MacBook.

Lightweight and compact, it weighs just about 51 grams. Slightly heavier than the previous model T1, it has design with new shock-resistant metal case and internal frame, it can withstand up to 1500 grams of force. It also has an anti-overheating system and it is guaranteed for three years. It uses the exFAT file system that remains one of the most common for a more seamless user experience. This SSD also supports the encoding AES-256 hardware. That can protect your data from prying eyes, Coming to the dimension, This device measures in at 74mm x 58mm x 10.5mm. There is still no official word on pricing, This device compatible with data security process with the Windows 7 (or later), OS X 10.7 (or later), and Android KitKat. The company plans to offer both USB Type-C to USB Type-A inside the box.

 Samsung T1, 1TB version launched at price tag $600, According to the report from samsuung, It will be available in march 2016. According to the leaked information from CNET website, upcoming Samsung Portable SSD T3 supports TurboWrite technology.