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Hitting The Streets With A New Eating Trend

Street food was once something you might only expect to find on holiday but has evolved to become one of the hottest dining trends in the UK. It can represent an excellent opportunity for businesses interested in catering opportunities other than traditional restaurants.

Hitting The Streets With A New Eating Trend

A Growth Industry

The popularity of street food as a food choice has soared, with consumers seeing it not just as a way of grabbing a quick snack on their lunch break but as a viable alternative to dining in a restaurant. Asia has a long history of street food and it’s no surprise this is one of the most popular cuisines. Analysts attribute this to the good flavours, varied choice and healthy aspects of this food, in addition to its perceived fashionableness. American-style street food such as hotdogs and bagels are also popular but there is plenty of scope for everything from Argentinian empanadas to Indian dosas and even South American ceviche.

Strength in Numbers

One aspect of street food that still challenges Britain is the notion that eating in the street is somehow not proper eating. Reinforcing the social aspects of eating is key here, with the most successful street food vendors working as a collective. A cluster of street food operatives offers diners more choice and can turn something that may initially seem awkward into a fun and social sharing activity.

High Standards

Street food absolutely doesn’t mean poor quality food. The variety of products is enormous, and since most vendors specialise in just one or two, they are expert at these. Poor hygiene has historically been of concern to customers, worried that consuming street food might lead to an increased risk of food poisoning. However, street food vendors are subject to many of the same health and safety inspections as restaurants so there should be little cause for anxiety. Much of the food is freshly cooked in front of the customer so they can see it has not been sitting around for hours. Appliance firms such as Fridgefreezerdirect offer commercial refrigeration suitable for all kinds of catering ventures so correct storage of products need not be an issue.

The street food movement is on the rise and can be a real opportunity for caterers who want to serve up something different to their customers.