JW GripSoft Cat Comb

Pros: inexpensive, rubberized handle, effective tines comb hair and trap it until hair is removed
Cons: the cat insists on daily combings
A male cat rules this household.  He keeps me in line with early wake-up calls and general reminders throughout the day that keep his pampered life running smoothly.  One thing he is insistent about are his daily combings using the JW GripSoft Cat Comb.
The JW GripSoft Cat Comb has a rounded rubberized handle with a comfortable non-slid grip.  The metal comb tines are spaced close together with 41 tines on the comb.  Overall, the JW GripSoft comb is 9” long.  The handle is tapered, and at its widest point is 1 3/8”.  This particular comb is for use on medium- and long-haired cats.  The manufacturer advertises that the comb reduces matted fur and hairball formation.
Our Experiences

My cat and I agree.  This is the best cat comb we have purchased and used.
The feline who runs this household has a medium-long coat.  He also sheds and is prone to hairballs.  To help combat those nasty hairballs, I help him manage his furry coat with daily combing.  This JW comb is excellent on several levels.
First, the comb tines are close together.  It is obvious to see the results of each combing, sine the tines capture and hold the cat hair until the hair is pulled off the comb.  I just grab the combed hair near the base of the comb and pull the entire hair-wad off.  Fast and easy.

The cat loves this comb too.  He meows at me in the morning if I get busy and don’t start the ritual combing on time.  He leads me into the living room where I keep the comb and happily waits for the comb tines to scoop through his fur.  The tines capture undercoat hair, too, and I think he enjoys the gentle massaging feel of the comb.  During the summer, I’m sure he appreciates removing all loose fur to keep cooler.
The comb also has a soft-grip rubberized handle, which fits well in my hand.  My hand firmly stays on the handle, no slipping.  The handle is wide enough to prevent discomfort, too.  Using this comb is a pleasure.
I’ve noticed that this comb does a more thorough job than other pet combs I’ve used.  Daily combing pulls out one or two full combs of hair.  The cat revels in the pampering, and I can tell he feels better with the loose hair removed.  I notice the cat isn’t choking or coughing up hairballs as often, which is a good thing!
I would buy the JW GripSoft Cat Comb again.  It is an affordable, excellent comb.  The comb is comfortable to hold, and the cat loves the feel of the tines against his skin.  He actually changes position to make sure I’m giving proper attention to all his fur.  And if I’m late grabbing the comb for his daily beautification, he comes to get me.  Daily combing also helps reduce hairball incidents and shedding.
I hope you found this review useful.
Enjoy your day,
Copyright 2015 Dawn L. Stewart
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