Kent Marine Betta Bowl Essential

Pros: conditions water and adds nutrients, liquid easy to use, bottle dispenses well
Cons: some cautions from the manufacturer (noted in review)
I rescued two betta fish and am pleased to say they are much happier in their new environment.  One of the items in my betta-care toolkit is Kent Marine Betta Bowl Essential.

Kent Marine Betta Bowl Essential serves two purposes.  It is designed to condition tap water in small bowls or aquariums for fish and plants.  The liquid neutralizes chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia, which can be harmful.  It also adds nutrients and minerals to the water.  The manufacturer says this product can be used for betta fish or other aquatic species.  The plastic bottle contains two fluid ounces.
My Experiences

For a while I had flirted with the idea of starting a small aquarium.  Years ago I raised an assortment of tropical fish in 5- and 10-gallon tanks.  My parents used to breed fish for sale in fish stores, and my brother has had all manner of tanks, including a large reef aquarium.
Two things tossed me toward betta fish.  1) My sister-in-law had a small aquarium with a betta, and the fish was gorgeous.  2) A coworker stopped by my desk to chat and casually mentioned that he was tempted to flush his two betta fish down the toilet because he no longer wanted them.  I immediately offered to adopt the fish and am an extremely happy betta owner.
One thing about betta fish is that they are fighting fish.  Ideally, betta fish need separation, each in its own tank or they will rip each other apart.  They are territorial, and as a rule, they do not co-mingle well with other fish.  So I needed two tanks, one for each betta.

When I received the fish, they were in a small half-gallon plastic tank with a divider down the middle to separate the male fish.  There was virtually no swimming room since each side also had tank ornaments taking up space.  The fish also came with a small packet of food and this Kent Marine Betta Bowl Essential for purifying the water and adding nutrients.
I bought two Fluval two-gallon aquariums and placed them side-by-side.  That way the fish had their own space but could socialize when I lifted the plastic canvas barrier I placed between the tanks.  (If male betta fish continually square-off against each other without a break, it can cause them stress.)
One great thing about Kent Marine Betta Bowl Essential is that it is promoted as instantly conditioning the water.  I use tap water, but I pour it into Brita water-purifying pitchers.  I let the water sit at least a day before adding it to the tank.  Every time I do a weekly water change, I add a few drops of Kent Marine Betta Bowl Essential.  The manufacturer suggests shaking the bottle before adding the liquid to the tank.  One teaspoon of the liquid added to a quarter-gallon (one quart) of water is recommended.  Since I’m using water purified in a Brita pitcher, I only add a few drops of the liquid, and it works great.  The fish are healthy and happy.

The Kent Marine Betta Bowl Essential bottle has a caution on it: “Product contains hydrosulfites and has characteristic sulfur odor that does not affect its use.  May stain or discolor carpets or materials.  Not for human consumption.  Do not taste, swallow or breathe.  Avoid contact with skin.” – I have never noticed an odor to this product.  My tanks sit atop a quilted table runner I made, plus the room is carpeted.  Some water has escaped me when making water changes, and the textiles have not stained.  The bottle is also designed so that my hands or skin do not come in contact with the liquid.
The betta fish have been with me for over eight months and are thriving.  The Kent Marine Betta Bowl Essential must be doing its job since the fish are active and happily creating bubble nests (a sign of content betta fish).
I hope you found this review useful.
Enjoy your day,
Copyright 2015 Dawn L. Stewart
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