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7 Signs That Your Body Is Asking Minerals

Do you long to enjoy a healthy and vital body? Then, you have to make sure you’re giving your body all the minerals you need. Look, these are the signs that they are not being enough…

Your Wounds are Slow to Heal

This represents one of the most obvious symptoms of zinc deficiency. But this mineral is not only key to wound healing; also it plays an important role in the production of gastric juices necessary role for the body to absorb other minerals.

7 Signs That Your Body Is Asking Minerals

The Feet Often Cramp You

All have experienced occasional cramp, ever. But when this becomes very frequent phenomenon may be alerting you need to consume more calcium, magnesium or potassium.

However, remember that not is enough to turn to these minerals: the most important thing is that assimilate! And for that, you need to have fatty acids.

Cracks at the Edges of the Mouth

It is common that if you’re a vegetarian, you do not get enough iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Because the diet is that you are skimping on essential protein building your immune system. Eat more chicken, salmon, eggs, dried tomatoes, spinach, peanuts and legumes. Iron absorption is enhanced by vitamin C, which also helps fight infections, so it is good to combine these foods with vegetables like broccoli, red pepper, cabbage and cauliflower.

You Feel Exhausted

Who at one time has not come home dragging his feet? The alarming thing is when this becomes a habit. In this case, it is possible that your body is in need of more minerals to function well. It’s simple: without minerals, enzymes do not work well and when that happens, there is insufficient energy production!

You’re Feet Stink

For you, no talc will work: the smell of your feet is really unbearable. This smelly problem may be whichever of a lack of magnesium. This is very common and it is no wonder!

For every gram of sugar we consume, we spend 54% magnesium.

Have Stained Nails

Your hand nails have formed some white spots. Do you hear? They are telling you that your body needs more zinc. Remember that you can find in pumpkin seeds, wheat germ and bitter chocolate.

Crazy Craving Experience

“Am I losing my mind?” And you’ve lately discovered with cravings paper or clay or rubber or ice … Well, you’re not going crazy! It is likely that iron will is lacking.

So it is! These are the signs that your body needs minerals to you should be careful.