Captain Lawrence Frost Monster

Pros: Full bodied stout with a wonderful taste
Cons: Aroma not exactly to my liking, better stouts out there
Captain Lawrence Brewing Company from NY delivers a pretty good Imperial Stout calling it Frost Monster, which indeed grabbed my attention for these terribly cold winter days. I had a feeling this dark beauty would hit the spot for the right warmness and it did exactly that.
Frost Monster pours into a very dark coffee body with a thick and tanned head. It’s very smooth and full with a soft carbonation; there is really good retention and the lace hangs around for the entire drink. The roasted aroma is probably the only real weakness for me, because it never really attracted me. It’s quite average to say the least, but the taste makes up for this in a good enough way.  There’s a pretty good hoppy bitterness: nice black grains, brown sugar, roasted malts, dark chocolate and definitely traces of licorice. The mouth feel really isn’t that special when compared to others yet I really like this stout though. Despite the 12% ABV that does deliver a nice warmness that I highly enjoy; the alcohol bite doesn’t feel strong but it balances out the drink wonderfully.
Perhaps there’s a chance that I’m under rating this beer. It’s quite complex for the most part with the heavy alcohol count being overshadowed by its full, roasted malty body; but I simply can’t ignore that I had better drinks such as Founders Breakfast Stout for example. In any case, I definitely recommend this to stout lovers, especially during these cold winter days here in NY. The beer comes in a four pack and it’s quite pricey at around 14 dollars. For the most part it’s money well spent and I would buy this again.