Founders Breakfast Stout

Pros: Strong chocolate and coffee character with a nice bitter aftertaste
Cons: Four pack, and quite pricey
Founders Brewing company whom are located in Grand Rapids MI,  are a brewery I been hearing about for quite some time. The main reason I never had a chance to try their beers is because they’re so hard to find in my area. Thankfully there is one spot out here in the Bronx that seems to carry the stuff quite often. Although I can’t give Founder’s Breakfast Stout a perfect score; it would be crazy to deny this is a good beer. My only gripe is that I had better and more memorable stouts.

Founder’s Breakfast Stout: Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout is an Imperial Stout, that pours into a dark, creamy body with a brown head that quickly fades into a lace. There’s a pretty good roasted coffee aroma that can be very inviting to coffee lovers. It has a nice chocolate bite flanked by coffee and oats, with a small taste of alcohol. I also notice some burned sugar and maybe a dash of licorice that also works into the overall thick mouthfeel. This beer also has a pleasant bitter after taste. There’s always a feel to grab another one too.

This is a damn good beer that is best for the cold seasons, and the high ABV at 8.3% means this is something to sit back and enjoy; on top of this it comes in a rather expensive four pack at $14.00. So I can’t see myself rushing through it. It’s not the best stout out there, but it’s definitely something that should be given a try.