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Pros: The perfect one-of-a-kind gift
Cons: Website is a little slow – but no ‘Cons’ with regard to the products or service

If there’s one thing synonymous with summer (other than watermelon and sunburns) its celebrations – gift-giving celebrations to be precise – weddings, anniversaries, graduations, babies, new home, etc. If it’s an event you have to attend, then that, of course, brings to mind an entire litany of questions that need answering before you shop – like:

  • The type of celebration – birthday – wedding – graduation?
  • How well do you know the recipient(s)?
  • Does the recipient already have one-of-everything?  In other words, will I have to take out a loan just to purchase a decent present? In those cases, you don’t have to be rich, you have to be smart and think outside the box. Some people (like myself) think the simple, easy-to-shop-for, budget-adhering gift card is the perfect gift. Personally, I love gift cards – getting and giving, but I admit, for some occasions they are pretty impersonal. But, there is a solution – and one that’s  rather unique and chic, if I do say so myself, Things Remembered.

What is something we all have in common?  A name, right? A name that can be engraved on a door knocker (as above), an heirloom silver spoon for baby,  a desk nameplate, or ‘Mr. & Mrs.  Newlyweds’ engraved on a frame, vase, drinkware,  or embroidered on a blanket or pillows. More about this below. 
Things Remembered is a national gift retailer that takes their wares one step further, offering on site engraving and/or embroidering of their gifts and goods.

Things Remembered offers so many different and unusual items it would be impossible to detail them all, but here’s a small sampling of gifts you can have engraved or embroidered:

  • Women’s jewelry – necklaces, bracelets
  • Men’s jewelry – cufflinks, watches
  • Men’s and women’s gifts – flasks, vases, wallets
  • Drinkware, champagne flutes,  whiskey glasses
  • Picture frames
  • Trinket or memorabilia boxes
  • Photo albums
  • Pens and pencils
  • Clocks
  • Awards
  • Door knockers  ( my favorite for newlyweds)


 Isn’t this adorable? I can easily see this as a wedding, anniversary, birthday or engagement gift. Engraved with their name(s) or a special sentiment would make this the perfect, very-individualized gift.
 Or this personalized backpack for a daughter, granddaughter or just someone special. And it would serve a dual-purpose, identifying the pack as your child’s, and gives the child the fun of having her/his name embroidered on a special pack. They have several different boy/girl styles to choose from.
I could have chosen many other gifts to show you, but you can check them out on their website.
 Fortunately there’s a Things Remembered shop within twenty miles of my home, so for me, shopping is fairly easy.  They offer three convenient ways  to place an order:
  1. In any of their six-hundred stores
  2. Online at thingsremembered.com
  3. Directly through their Customer Service  Center in North Jackson, Ohio.

If you’re shopping in one of their stores a clerk can assist you with a selection and walk you through the engraving or embroidering process. If you’re shopping online, again, they take you through a step-by-step process making sure the item will appear exactly as you request. You choose the font, size and text of whatever you want engraved or embroidered on the item – they do the rest. Because there’s a store close by, I place my order, walk around the mall, maybe have lunch, and return to the shop and pick it up. Now, it doesn’t happen that way every time – during Christmas for example they can be very, very busy. But since I always know what I want I can place my order via any of the different venues and be totally confident I will get what I’ve ordered.
Things Remembered   is a wonderful and easy way to tell someone you think they’re special.

Check out “Store Locator” on their website

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