Mohammed Noor Ul Haq Of Sanali Group A Building Developer Extraordinaire
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Mohammed Noor Ul Haq Of Sanali Group A Building Developer Extraordinaire

With regards to ground breaking building constructions in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Dubai, Noor Haq: is A man of intense vision, who has put in hard work and creativity. His vision and leadership qualities led to the development with the Sanali Group and the gaining of numerous awards. Noor Haq has been awarded the International Trade Promotion Award’ because of his resilience to promote trade, Gem Asia Award’ along with the prestigious Udyog Pratibha Award’ and the like.

His insight is greatly appreciated when it comes to nationalization of construction laws. He serves inside the Andhra Pradesh builders Association as its vice president and contributes greatly to discussions pertaining building and construction. Together with his team of executives, Noor Haq targets client needs. He ensures each client is well served within the budget and requirements of the clients. It is with this zeal and commitment that he provides building solutions in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Dubai.

The pomp and status showcased by individuals living in Dubai requires professionals to accentuate the living standards. Mr. Haq endures above board construction and breathtaking designs to check the elegant structures in Dubai. He catches the eye of the requirements the upper class along with the middle class residents and sees to it that all his clients in Dubai are satisfied and content. He and his awesome staff have confidence in building it right.

Sanali Group

This expansive company is constantly offering outstanding buildings to vast individuals. It is trained in in various kinds of constructions including constructing housing colonies, gymnasiums, stores, IT parks and residential apartments. It offers top class building designs and uses better technology to herald the right blend of tradition and modernization.

Since its conception, Sanali Group has strategically expanded and branched in the specialized departments of advertising, Cyber Towers, Remax constructions and Aryabhatta applications. The branches provide needed rise in the construction business since they are very effective on customized projects and maximize on productivity.

Hyderabad Projects

Noor Haq has made his mark in Hyderabad projects. The City could be the the place to find immigrants, entrepreneurs and diverse cultural groups. Its possibilities are endless as well as growth is constantly astounding. It is with the purpose of meeting the growth challenges that he propelled his company to spearhead Hyderabad projects. These projects focus on individual residents by providing high quality residential apartments.

Residents have a choice between two, three and 4 bedrooms apartments. These come either furnished or unfurnished. Keeping in keeping with fashion, standards of life and preference, the projects focus on comfort and style. Residents can easily live comfortably in well-constructed, highly fashionable apartments. In addition to apartments, the Hyderabad projects are very well versed in providing duplex houses and luxury apartments.

Noor Haq targets action as opposed to talk. In the construction world, he can be counted amongst the visionaries’ set on changing the planet with astonishing building solutions.