How to Remain Motivated as a College Student

Are you ready and raring to hit the books as a college student? Going away to school can provide you with a set of challenges. Even commuting college students are presented with obstacles. The key resides in discovering why you wish to obtain your diploma. You must have a deep, pulsating reason why you want to succeed academically in order to excel in the classroom.

If your driver is in firm place expect to become a successful college student. Knowing why you want to do well in school, whether it is to make more money by securing a higher paying job, or working a job which you enjoy, can help you blast through limitations and make the sacrifices necessary to excel academically.

Know Why You Wish to Succeed

College students tend to attend classes because the next logical step after graduating from high school is to pursue your college degree. Adopting this frame of mind makes it difficult for you to do what you must do to succeed with your studies. Resist the urge to party, or hang out with your friends every day, or hit the weight room instead of the study hall.

Receiving your diploma can open doors for you. Maybe you can land a job with a large, global business, allowing you to travel the world while earning a healthy living. Or you can make a big difference in the lives of people who would benefit from you expanding your skill set. Teachers, for example, can inspire students to do more, have more and be more. Knowing this, you make whatever sacrifices necessary to hit your studies hard in order to change lives in future generations.

Write down the reason why you wish to succeed in school. Place the piece of paper in your pocket. Carry your mental compass with you wherever you decide to go during the course of the day.

Rest Up to Remain Fresh

Working harder each day never brings you the success you wish to achieve. Eventually you reach the point of burning out. Adopt a patient, intelligent approach to remaining motivated. Sleep at least six to eight hours each night to remain fresh and hungry to attack each day. Avoid moving into a space of diminishing returns. If you are willing to rest up your focus improves. Your concentration strengthens and you remain motivated to study intelligently and score well daily since you no longer suffer from fatigue.

Avoid the common college student pitfall of staying up later, partying persistently then cramming for exams. Attempting to pack 12 week’s worth of work into a two or three day marathon studying session kills your motivation. You are better off spending the time partying and then mailing in your failing grade because the fear and desperation you experience pushes away the very answers you work so hard to acquire.

Your brain is similar to a sponge. Once you have acquired a set amount of information you must take a break to allow the information to seep into your brain. Attempting to learn too much too quickly is similar to an oversaturated sponge. The excess water simply flows from the sponge. You lose motivation because you are not retaining information and feel that you are wasting your time.


Exercise is one of the great secrets of remaining motivated. Feeling good after your endorphin-releasing exercise sessions motivates you to succeed in all areas of your life, including your academic career. Inspirational ideas hit you at a quick clip after exercising. You dive into your studies instead of diving into a super-sized pizza and succeed where your dorm buddies are failing because you chose to take care of your body.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily to feel invigorated and remain motivated.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who has covered an eclectic mix of education topics from how to develop more effective study habits to what you need to know about the MSN Clinical Nurse Leader Specialization.

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