Methods For Displaying Information About Your Business In-Store
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Methods For Displaying Information About Your Business In-Store

Displaying information about your business in-store is a smart way to make more sales and gain more exposure in the public eye. After all, how can anyone patronize your business if they don’t know that you exist? Most businesses today use various digital methods to display information to their customers and potential future customers, but there’s nothing wrong with also going with more traditional methods such as flyers or display boards that get across everything you need them to. Often these methods have a chance of being cheaper than digital campaigns since you don’t have to seek out sponsorships or pay to place your ad across various websites. Either way though, getting the word out is the top priority, and whatever your budget and various ideas for campaigns may be the important thing is gaining more exposure. 

If you own a store with a physical location, you can even go the extra mile of displaying information within the store. This can let newcomers and regulars know about upcoming promotions, events, or changes your store might need promoting. It can also allow you to clearly label things like store hours, policies, and mission statements so that the people within your store are aware of them. Whether you are selling a product or service, having information about your business on display where people can easily see it will help you attract more customers. Here are some ways you can display the information about your business in-store.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way to display information about your business in-store. Digital signs are usually placed on the store’s walls and show information about your business, and have the option of displaying several different types of ads or infographics by changing periodically throughout the day. This means you can show more information in one space compared to showing more information scattered throughout your store. You can use digital signage to show your brand identity, special offers and promotions, and more.


Posters are another classic and great way to have information about your business in-store quickly put on display for people to read as they shop. They’re not as attention-grabbing as digital signs, but that also means they can be less obnoxious when the setting doesn’t call for them. You can use posters on a wall in the store or be placed along the checkout lane. Posters are great because they can tell people all the information they need without them having to ask you questions and without reading your whole website or brochure. This will give them ample time to spend buying things from you.


Monitors help you reach customers in front of the store. You can place a monitor on top of your store, facing out, so that people walking by see what you want them to see. In addition, you can place monitors on the sides of your store so that customers can see information about your business as they are walking by.

Wall Displays

The wall display is an excellent way to display information about your business in-store because it is very eye-catching and easy to read. Wall displays are typically made of glass or acrylic that allows you to see your business’s product, service, or logo displayed on them easily. Wall displays can be placed on storefronts and countertops using the most popular mounting system called sticky back mounts. You may contact a display manufacturer to come and mount the wall display for you.

Countertop Easel Plastic Sign Holders

Countertop easel plastic sign holders are used to easily display your products or services where people will immediately see them, usually at a check-out counter or on top of shelves holding products. They are durable, cost-effective, lightweight, and can be used on countertops or any non-porous surface at your leisure. Countertop easels are available in a variety of sizes and styles. They come with various mounting systems that allow you to mount them to your countertops. A display manufacturer, such as Plastic Displays And Fixtures Co. Inc., typically sells them alongside other display options, such as wall mounts or posters.


Projectors are attention-grabbing and easy to read. Projectors allow you to project several different images onto a screen so that everyone can see what you have created for your business. They can be placed on storefronts and countertops using mounting systems, the most popular of these being called sticky back mounts.

There are many different ways to display information about your business in-store, all of them valid methods that can grab different people’s attention in different ways. Sometimes the screens of digital signs might be hard for older people to read while a paper poster allows them to get close enough to make out the words. Sometimes merely glancing at an easel sign along a counter is enough to remind someone of upcoming promotions as they check out. Different people pay attention to different things, so diversifying your signage is a great way to get all of their attention. However, the best way to display information about your business in-store is to choose an easy method for the customers to read and follow. That means no matter what, keep the words you print simple, easy to read and quick to the point. Illustrations may even help or get the point across faster. Do whatever you can to get the word out, and watch the difference the extra coverage about your business’s info makes.

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