Challenges You May Face While Choosing Law Field

There are almost 322 million lawyers in the US, making it 1 lawyer of every 300 people.

As a profession, it is considered to be the most sought out professionals in the world. There are many rewards when working as a lawyer.

The US law market’s worth is almost $160 billion, with the highest-earning in the medical lawyer niche.

But are these statistics worth to be a professional lawyer? Another side of the story reflects that there are almost 1370 life threats receive by attorneys.

If you luckily cope with it, other challenges in this profession may shake your decision. Hold on tight if you want to know about these challenges. You need to keep yourself mentally tough in order to face these challenges and be loyal to your profession.

Challenges for a Professional Lawyer

The profession of lawyers in many parts of society is still a noble way of earning. However, perception is not the same across the globe.

It took almost seven years to be a professional practicing lawyer. But are those year worthy enough? What else will be the difficulties that you’ll face? Will you be able to earn adequately as much you spend?

These are a few questions every law student struggle to answer. But these are all before starting your career, once you dive in the problems are different. But you should keep in mind that being a lawyer is a noble profession, and you are opting it to fight for justice.

These thoughts will help you cope with all the challenges.

Let’s discuss some challenges that you may face while working as a lawyer.

1.      Societal Image

The time has evolved, and the younger generation prefers to live in a freer environment. Almost 33% of Generation Z prefers to have online friends; the societal circle is reduced.

But it can’t be ignored that societal pressure and perception still exist and affect an individual. It’s very rare that a lawyer is not being judged due to their profession, and if you are a criminal lawyer, then the ratio is negligible.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any tactic that can change the societal perception towards you; all you can do is accept the perception and focus on your career.

We’ll have heard that famous joke ‘what do you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?’ ‘A good start’. The joke depicts the societal image of lawyers among the general tiers of society.

2.      Unpredictable Working Hours

When we are students, the passion and dedication towards the profession are at its peak, and every individual is willing to work additional hours in the near future when they will achieve their desired position.

The reality is a little bit drifted from this; you may not be able to continue your personal life if this is your approach.

Almost 75% of the lawyers work contrary to official working hours. These hours will ultimately affect your personal life leading to multiple crises.

The toll is heavy on your family and children; you’ll find difficulty in attending family events. Though, if you have an understanding partner, then all of this will not affect you, but the chances still exist.

3.      Incessant Stress

The long working hours will not be the only source of stress once you are a professional. Will you believe that almost 93% of law students feel stressed out? It’s nearly every student feeling stress.

There is a lot of pressure on students to excel in their career and make their distinct position in the concentrated law market.

Another reason for the stress is that you do not have a chance to make mistakes like doctors. One mistake can even cost your whole career.

The best tip to reduce stress is to mentally prepare you that ‘you are a human being and cannot win every case’ losing is the part of the profession.

4.      Technological Change and Cyber Security

The rapidly evolving technological trends are creating legal issues and problems for the lawyers. There are number of neutrality, privacy, and transparency issues that are being generated due to this.

Also, cyber security has become a mainstream field for lawyers. The increasing digital crimes involve diverse scenarios raising different questions, the greater the questions, the greater the struggle of a lawyer.

The unpredictable scenarios of the crime may also require expertise and awareness to cope with the situation.

5.      Guilty Clients

Out of 322, almost 1.33 million are practicing criminal lawyers. The statistics reflect the favoritism and attraction of the field among young lawyers.

However, this may serve as a challenge for you in the future. You are not permitted to choose or select the client of your own will. Well, this is the case with the majority of the fields, but at least you don’t have to swallow the bitter pill.

There may be situations when you are defending your guilty client. Yes, you heard me right; this is the case.

According to Guardian, 80% of the population cannot afford a lawyer, and government lawyers are too busy to save you. If you have money and power to hire a lawyer, then it’s all that you need.

6.      Memorizing Laws

The increasing globalization and inclusion of international laws in many cases will enforce you to study new laws.

A lawyer is required to continuously learn about new laws for providing a safe side to their clients. There are almost 4,450 Federal laws in the US.

The figure is only referring to the Federal law, the State and international laws are excluded from this list.

With every new law, there come new crimes and legal dimensions; you have to be aware of all of these.

7.      The reality of the Monetary Benefits

Your law degree’s average school fee will be around $26,293, and this is the limited one.

But, the question is, will you achieve that much when working as a professional? I guess the answer may disappoint you.

To earn an adequate amount and make your distinct position in the market, you have to prove your worth. The striking impression for entering into the closed circle of high earning lawyers is essential.

See the following illustration reflecting the average earning of the lawyers.

8.      Concentrated Market

The lawyer market’s average growth is almost 8.2%, but the number of graduate students is far more than this.

The higher concentration of the profession does not welcome everyone; you have to be smarter to be a lawyer.

The higher concentration requires you to have a competitive skill set for coping in this market.

9.      Legal Institutes

The legal and supreme institutes are also a challenge for you. Imagine that you have presented your case well, but still you lose.

It may happen sometimes, the Robinson and Commissioner case is a recent example, as per custom essays.

You have to accept the decision and pay an equal amount of respect regardless of their rude behavior.

Why should you still choose it?

Every profession has pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you will achieve as a lawyer despite all of these challenges.

  • You’ll have an opportunity to serve others and earn inner peace. You’ll have a unique position where you’ll be able to help any individual in need.
  • Despite all the challenges and obstacle that I have mentioned, there is still a chance that you can earn well. Once you have passed all the obstacles a boost your career with few striking cases, the fortune is all yours.
  • The field provides diverse career options that you can choose. Being a professional lawyer opens multiple career opportunities for you if you do not like being a lawyer choose any other service.
  • You might have a global influence and a strong communication network that might help you with different issues.

Wrapping it up

Let me guess what is your decision now for becoming a professional lawyer? Well, it is difficult to predict your decision. Let me elaborate this to you that every profession has its pros and cons.

There is no decision in the world that is completely right. There are circumstances that will make your decision right or wrong. If you wanted to be a professional lawyer and have a passion for this, then no power in this world can undo you from becoming a lawyer.

Take my piece of advice; every individual has a unique set of skill. Maybe these are challenges for me, but for you, that’s just a professional obstacle. We all have a head that no pain no gain and I believe this fit here adequately.

So if you are dedicated enough, then you can ignore these challenges. If you are confused, then you can select any other profession, there is a huge variety. I hope that these challenges will support you in making an adequate career choice.