How to Compare Car Accident Attorneys

How to Compare Car Accident Attorneys

The right car accident attorney can decide whether you win or lose your case.  A good lawyer will work to defend your interests and get you as much money as you need to recover, while a bad one can leave you in severe debt.

Unfortunately, most lawyers aren’t marked with a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ label, so you know who to pick.

Here are the top things you should consider when looking at car accident lawyers and how you can find the best choice for yourself.

How to Compare Car Accident Attorneys

How Much Money Do They Want?

This might not feel important, especially since most insurance companies’ payouts are worth thousands, but it’s something you have to ask.  The average percentage lawyers want from a successful car accident case can seem high if you’re not warned, ranging from twenty to thirty percent, and it’s good to have a general idea of what to expect.  You can shop around for a lawyer who suits what you’re willing to give up, but remember that there can be a tradeoff between quality and cost with law.

What’s Their Track Record?

This part can be fun to research since it gives you the chance to look at cases similar to yours.  Check to see how many cases your St. Louis car accident attorney has won or lost.  You can’t skip this step because even if your lawyer is inexpensive and specializes in car accidents, they might not be worth it if they’ve lost a lot of cases.

Please pay attention to their win-to-lose percentage, and look specifically at which cases reflect yours the most.  There’s no 100% guarantee they’ll win your case, but if it’s similar to one they’ve already one, then your chances are looking pretty good.

Have They Worked With Someone You Know?

There’s no downplaying the importance of word-of-mouth recommendations.  Not only can word of mouth give you the chance to hear about how they handled similar cases before, but it also gives you a clear review of this lawyer before you interview them.  Although their thoughts online are also essential to keep in mind, getting to talk to someone who’s worked with them before is incredibly helpful.  This plan gives you the chance to ask someone about their process, find out how they treated the client, and get insight into their billing before you have to deal with the pressure of interviewing the lawyer.

What Do They Specialize in?

Although you may find a lawyer who ticks off the other boxes on this list, you might want to pass on them if they’ve never worked with an insurance case.  Car accident cases can be extremely detail-oriented and hard to navigate for those who aren’t aware of them.

Although you may believe in the lawyer and want to give them a chance, their lack of experience in your case-type could cost you thousands of dollars.  Try to find someone who has won at least two cases similar to the one you’re a part of.

There’s no perfect car accident lawyer out there, but by being careful and hopping around, you’ll find the perfect one for yourself.