How Long Does Spray-On Bed Liner Last?

How Long Does Spray-On Bed Liner Last?

A pickup truck is durable and stylishly rugged. It is meant for hauling an assortment of items. While some people like the idea of a bigger and tougher-looking vehicle, other people choose a pickup truck as a tool for their business.

Using a pickup truck for business, such as construction, yard or pool cleaning means that the truck bed can become dirty, scratched, dented, or splashed with various types of liquid. The beating that the truck bed gets can wear down the metal surface in no time if not protected.

Protecting the truck bed

The bed of a brand new pickup truck is spray painted to cover the metal surface, giving it some form of protection. But that can soon wear off.

For more protection, you need to install a bed liner, which can be a mat bed liner, a rug bed liner, a drop-in bed liner, or a spray-on bed liner. Among these types, the best protective covering is the latter. Several manufacturers are producing different formulations, such as the spray in bedliner from Durabak.

Truck bed liners not only protect your truck but can also likewise add an aesthetic appeal to your vehicle.

How Long Does Spray-On Bed Liner Last?

What makes a spray-on liner different?

A mat bed liner or a rug bed liner is removable. You can use your truck with or without a bed liner. The semi-permanent one is the drop-in bed liner. This type should be customized so it fits the truck bed as close to the sides as possible. The tight fit is to ensure that there is no gap between the truck bed and the liner.

On the other hand, a spray-on bed liner is made from a liquid substance that you can directly apply onto the metal surface of the truck bed. The bed should be properly prepared, cleaned, and thoroughly dried so that the material can adhere to the metal surface completely. Since the liner is sprayed, it provides the most adequate protection, as it effectively covers all the exposed metal, including seams and joints, sidewalls, and tailgates.

When completely dry, the spray-on bed liner provides a flexible and waterproof cover, with either a smooth or rough surface texture. The liner likewise absorbs vibration. Spray-on bed liners resist scratches, prevent dents, and keep items in the truck from skidding or rolling.

Durability and strength of a spray-on bed liner

The spray-on bed liner is durable. Since it completely adheres to the metal surface, the fit is airtight. It protects your truck from corrosion, rust, mildew, dents, and more. You do not have to take exact measurements or ensure the right size since it is applied directly onto the bed.

It is worth the initial cost because the spray-on bed liner will last for several years and you’re paying to get maximum protection. When properly maintained, with minor touch-ups here and there, the liner will last as long as your truck is serviceable, meaning around seven to ten years.

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