How To Make Your Content Go Viral

How To Make Your Content Go Viral

Creating viral content isn’t as easy as you might think. Some people can post a picture, and in hours, it goes viral. It is important to understand that this isn’t the norm. If you want your content to go viral, there are several tips that you should follow. 

Tip 1: Choose the Right Images

When people are browsing the internet, it takes them just a few seconds to judge whether or not they want to click on something and then share it. This means that the photo that you choose needs to be great. It is best to choose a photo with a lot of colors, and that will allow for a font to be added to communicate the message. If your content is going to go viral, you are going to need to use great photos to engage your audience immediately.

Tip 2: Use Interactive Content

This type of content will take time and money to create, but it will be worth it when it goes viral. People love interactive quizzes. If you add one of these to your content, people will want to click to take the quiz, and then they will share it with their friends. Soon, you will have a viral post.

Tip 3: Longform Content Works

In today’s fast-paced digital age, you probably think that less is more. This is true when it comes to getting your audience’s attention, but if your content is going to be shared, you will need to create longer informative content. According to a study, content that is between 3,000 and 10,000 words are shared more than content that is just 1,000 words. The key is to make something simple to draw in your audience, then allow them to click on the long content, which will make people want to share.

Tip 4: Stir Up Emotions

Your audience needs to feel emotional when they see it. There are six emotions that cause content to go viral, including joy, lust, anger, awe, and fear. If you can stir up any of these emotions in your audience, you have a good shot at creating viral content.

Today, posts that are controversial and focus on any injustice often go viral. This is something that you should consider when creating your content. If you try to play it safe, your post won’t go very far. You need to be willing to push the envelope a bit if you are going to get results.

Tip 5: Know Your Audience

Before creating your content, you will need to think about the audience you want to reach. When creating the content, you need to think about how your audience feels. What makes them laugh? What makes them angry? What makes them want to take a stand? When you have an idea of who you are targeting and what makes them tick, you have a better chance of your content going viral.

How To Make Your Content Go Viral

Tip 6: Get Influencers To Promote Your Content

Have a popular influencer to promote your content. The people that you are looking for are those who have millions of followers on social media. Once an influencer promotes your content, it will be seen by millions of people. Even just a fraction of these people share the content; you are well on your way to having your post go viral.

Tip 7: Create Content That Makes People Look Good

People share content on social media for a few different reasons. Some want people to be informed about what they are sharing. Some share to try to get others to agree with their point of view. Either way, the content that you create will need to make a person look good. Nobody is going to share something that will make them look silly or stupid. It is up to you to create content that will make a person seem smart to their peers. The best type of content is going to be useful, insightful, or informative.

Tip 8: Allow People To Know You

The key to viral content is trust. People will be more likely to share content by someone they trust rather than a faceless, nameless creator. The easiest way to build trust is to include a short bio and a photo with the content. This will put a name and a face to your content, making it seem more trustworthy.

Tip 9: A Catchy Headline Will Draw Attention

If you don’t have a catchy headline, there is little chance that people will click on your content, let alone share it. It would be best if you came up with something catchy that will grab your audience’s attention.

Tip 10: Use Backlinks To Authoritative Sites

It is impossible to trust anything you see on social media these days. You can’t scroll on Facebook for more than a minute without seeing content that has been covered up by Facebook due to misleading or incorrect information. If you want your content to go viral, you need to back up your claims with facts from authoritative sites. 

Creating viral content isn’t something that just happens. It takes a lot of thought and work to be successful. If you follow the tips listed above, there is a good chance that you will create your first viral post, which is a part of content marketing

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