Five Things to Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

5 Things to Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

Some engaged couples have planned their wedding day down to the very last detail. They may already have a venue in mind, or even fallen in love with one after attending another wedding. If you haven’t decided on a venue the prospect can feel overwhelming with so many things to consider. Will it be a hotel banquet room, a church or a castle? Like all couples you want this day to be perfect, here are some things to consider when choosing a venue or Victoria BC hall rental.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

  • Number of guests – Knowing how big that guest list is will help you choose a venue that hits just the right intimate feeling. You don’t want your guests to feel too cramped in a room that is too small and stuffy. The opposite scenario with a room that is too large when a large number of guests don’t show up will lose the atmosphere you’re looking for. Sitting down with a guest list and figuring out if your Aunt from across the country will attend can give you a realistic number of guests.
  • Location – When the wedding ceremony and reception are in 2 different locations consider whether it’s convenient for your guests. Accessibility is another item on your list, is it easy to get to by car, is there an airport and accommodations for any out of town guests. Otherwise it might put some of the guests off attending your wedding.
  • Budget – As you make that list of possible wedding venues be realistic about what you can afford. You don’t want to spend time looking at venues out of your budget and wind up disappointed.
  • How hands on are you willing to be – A unique location might seem like fun such as a barn so consider the extra work on and before the wedding day. If setting up lighting. tables and hauling hay bales is not for you a venue less hands on is probably better for you.
  • Date – The date you choose is important so have a look to see if some venues for rent have online calendars, Especially if you have a date in mind this can be very helpful, if you’re more flexible you could have more options.

The Greek Hall in Victoria BC can accommodate your reception no matter what size your guest list. Give us a call and let us help make your day truly special.

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