Getting Hyperlocal with Local SEO Services

Mr. X owns a bakery in downtown Newyork. The bakery is very famous and is amongst the oldest ones there. It was started by the grandfather of Mr. X during The Great Depression of 1929. Since then, this family concern has been servicing its neighborhood customers regularly. Recently they decided to venture into a new suburb of Newyork and approached the WebMaxed Local SEO Services team for help to promote the business in this new location.

Actually, one of our employees stays pretty close to their original bakery and is a big fan of theirs. She used to bring a lot of goodies to the office and that is how we became a fan of this bakery. Eventually they became our clients too. WebMaxed being rated as one of the top SEO agencies in USA, they were very reluctant to approach us for their digital marketing push thinking that theirs was a very small volume and value business for us. But, since we have a range of clients right from entrepreneurs to start-ups to small, medium and large enterprises, we readily agreed to support them.

Their business is very local in nature. Also given the perishable nature of their products, they were not keen on delivering cross-country but rather wanted customers from the immediate neighborhood only. Hence, the WebMaxed Local SEO Services team developed a plan that allowed them to focus only on their neighborhood. This not only meant that they get to target only a very focussed set of customers, their marketing costs would also be very low yielding them a good RoI too.

Some of the things we suggested them were:

  • Optimising their homepage: We included critical information about who they were, their business, their location and other contact details. 
  • Optimising their Meta-Data: We created clear Meta descriptions that highlighted their business, location, product details and contact information.
  • Product-wise & Location-wise pages: We created separate pages for every product category  and also for their different locations.
  • Created the Google My Business Page: We created their Google My Business page for both locations and got them verified too. 
  • Updated their NAP citation: We updated their NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and added them in the relevant pages as per Google My Business format. 
  • Addition to Local Business Directories:  We updated the business information in a standard format in a number of local directories.
  • Social Media Presence: We chalked out a customised social media strategy and created their presence on multiple social media channels. 
  • Regular Customer Reviews: We encouraged their customers to write reviews about both locations and the products they liked. 
  • Responsive Website: We created a responsive website so that customers who are on the move can access the website through their mobile phones.
  • Voice Search Optimised: We optimised the website even for voice search for Google Assistant and Siri. 
  • Created Local Content: We created and promoted content that was relevant for the particular neighborhoods like local news, events and happenings

While these are just some of the indicative things that we did for them, we also initiated tie-ups with affiliate marketing websites. 

Having clients across the world also comes with its own advantages. We were able to zero-in on a couple of affiliate marketing websites where we could promote our bakery. While it was difficult for us initially to explain why they should pay to these affiliates, within a week they realised the advantage and soon asked us to add more such partners. 

The net result was that soon, the website became abuzz with local traffic and their store became the talk of the neighborhood. Now they are planning to add two more locations in NewYork itself and one in Philadelphia. This is a classic example of how we, being a large SEO Agency in USA with clients across the world, were able to effectively use Local SEO services for such neighborhood businesses  and succeeded.

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