Keep Your Child Safe: 10 Smarter Ways to Organize Your Kids’ Bedroom

Your kids’ bedroom should be properly organized so that not only does it look good but it is also going to keep your child safe even when not supervised.

Organizing your kids’ bedroom to make sure that they are safe means that you a couple of things to consider. After all, the needs of children to keep them safe are different from adults.

To help you keep track of what these things are, here is a list of 10 smart ways you can organize your kids’ bedroom to keep them safe. 

1. Avoid Sharp Corners

You should be mindful of the sharp corners all over your kids’ bedroom because they might bump their heads on it.

If it’s not needed, it’s best to remove pieces of furniture with sharp corners from the bedroom. Otherwise, you can use a foam protector to child-proof the furniture in your kids’ bedroom.

You can also opt to but high pieces of furniture to ensure that your kids will be unable to reach it. 

2. Secure Furniture

You should also be conscious of any light fixtures that could potentially fall on to your children. Make sure that all your furniture in the kids’ bedroom or not so lightweight so that your kids cannot easily pull it.

Better yet, make sure that any pieces of unstable furniture or wires are out of their reach. More so if they are starting to learn how to walk.

That’s because babies this age tend to use chairs or tables or whatever poles they can reach to pull themselves up in order to stand.

3. Put Things Within Their Reach

If you want your kids to avoid walking all over their bedroom and pulling things down where they’re not supposed to be then you should make sure that everything they want is within their reach. 

If there are things that you want your kids to be able to reach then make sure that those things are within their level. Any books that they might want to reach for should be on a lower bookshelf so that they can have access to it anytime. 

Of course, if there are unsafe items that you don’t want them to have access to put them somewhere out of their reach. 

4. Hide Cords

Any electrical devices inside your kids’ bedroom that have electrical cords should be kept away.

You don’t want your kids to pull on the cords and then end up getting electrocuted, do you? Not to mention that it can also damage the device.

If it is really necessary to have electrical devices in your kids’ bedroom, then make sure to secure it with cable clips that can help you route electrical cords on door frames, behind the furniture, or on the wall.

5. Designate a Stuffed Animal Bin

Since you want the items that your kids want to play with to be easily accessible then you might as well have a designated stuffed animal bin. The designated stuffed animal bin will make sure that the toys aren’t just thrown around everywhere in the room.

Aside from that, they are still easy to identify for your kids in case they want to know where they’re stuffed animals are going instead of inside the closet or drawers.

6. Choose Window Treatments Wisely

If your kids’ bedroom has windows, then you should make sure that they don’t have anything dangling that the children can pull.

As much as possible, you should make sure that your curtains are tucked away. Or you can just use a window shade and tuck away the string so that it’s not going to be pulled down by your kids.

7. Lock Drawers, Doors, and Cabinets. 

If there are cabinets or drawers that you don’t want your kid to have access to then you should install some locks or latches on them.

The latches will make sure that your kids will be unable to open up these cabinets or storage places.

8. Create a Reading Space

Having a specific place where you read to them or where your kids can read will get them to learn to love reading.

Aside from that, you can have bookshelves on the floor so that if they decide to read they can just easily get it off the shelf. Having to place it somewhere could risk them getting hit by book on the head. So, you might want to check out Interior Idea for some ideas on how you can create a child-proof reading space.

9. Label Every Drawer

At Cleaning Exec House Cleaning NYC, we advise our clients to consider labeling every drawer in their kids’ bedroom.

Doing so will not only encourage your kids to learn how to read, but it can also help you stay organized. If they are able to read, labels will let them know where everything should be kept. Thus, maintaining their bedroom’s order and keeping it tidy. 

10. Store Toys in a Closet

Storing toys in a closet will help keep some toys out of sight for your kids.

You can occasionally change the toys that they can access and those that you can keep hidden so as to keep them interested and not asking to buy a new one.


Keeping your child safe can also result in making your kids’ bedroom look organized. As long as you know what your priorities are, you should be able to make your kids’ bedroom safe and clean.

The 10 tips above should be able to help you organize your kids’ bedroom while keeping them safe at the same time. 

In addition, you might as well consider cleaning your whole house, such as your roof, make sure to clean the gutters full of leaves.

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