What Does Healthy Aging Mean and How Do We Do It?

Being old is all a matter of perspective; there’s no one age that signifies whether you’re old or not. Instead, age is more about how you feel. Healthy aging means consistently developing and maintaining your well-being. In turn, this will enable you to do the things you value throughout your life.

Healthy aging practices:

Keep an Active Lifestyle

Regular exercise has proven to be valuable for both your physical and mental wellness. It not only can reduce stress, but it can also help to relieve pain from chronic conditions, reduce your risk of heart disease, and boost your overall mood. 

Tip: Do something that you enjoy. You don’t want to force yourself to run if that’s not something that works for you specifically. Try out a few different exercises to discover what you like and go from there. It can even be as simple as walking regularly with hand weights as this has great benefits! No matter what you choose, try to balance aerobic exercise with strength training for optimal health.

Take Control of Your Health

There will always be uncontrollable factors that affect the status of your health, such as your environment or genetics. Still, there are several lifestyle changes you can make to positively impact your well-being. Scheduling regular appointments with a healthcare professional is a great place to start. This will ensure that you’re up-to-date on important vaccinations and screenings. From there, you can follow these tips on further ways to prioritize your well-being!

Tip: When you’re too busy to visit with a doctor, take advantage of telemedicine services to prioritize your health right from your home. From receiving a diagnosis for the flu to ordering your prescription skin-care products from a dermatologist, you can do anything you need to right online. This will help you save time while still maintaining your well-being.

Challenge Your Mind

Cognitive stimulation is essential for the health of your mind. During your younger years, your brain was constantly challenged, whether in school or from learning a new trade. However, learning and challenging yourself is critical at every age. 

Tip: Do something you’ve never done before. Take a lesson on something you’ve been interested in, read books, watch documentaries, or consider trying a brain training app to improve your memory and focus. By doing this, your brain will get stronger and never feel like it’s aging.

Build and Maintain Relationships

As you get older, it’s normal for your inner circle to get smaller and smaller. This can be a good thing because it means you’ve become more selective in who you keep close. However, cultivating and maintaining relationships is crucial for your mental wellness. Sometimes, personal issues can lead you into social isolation, and other times, it’s just your chaotic life that tends to get in the way. Nevertheless, engaging in meaningful connections throughout your life will help you feel healthier and happier.

Tip: Keep up with friends and family who make you happy. Try to dedicate time to regularly communicate or visit with them, even if it’s only for a cup of coffee. Or, if your circle is small, and you’d like to build new relationships, try joining a club, volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about, or going to a fitness class.

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