Best Short Moral Stories for Kids

Stories, which are responsible for having messages, as well as morals, are always considered to be extremely powerful in comparison to stories that do not. When you are reading a moral story out to your kid, you will understand that a 200-word story can be more powerful than what you could have imagined, as stated by Moral stories help in building values in children, which will help them to become better persons in the future. There are several moral stories that every kid should read. Given below is a list of moral stories that you should consider reading out to your kids.

You need to know that the stories that have been mentioned below are not only short but also extremely basic. However, the message provided by the stories remains extremely valuable as well as powerful.

An Old Man Lived in the Village

This story is about an old man, who lived in a village and there was not a single person who liked him. He was extremely gloomy, and he kept complaining about everything and his mood never improved. He was also responsible for creating a feeling of unhappiness within others. However, one day all the villagers heard that the 80-year-old man was happy and he was not complaining about anything.

When the villagers asked him what happened, he simply replied that he was trying to run behind happiness but it was useless. Therefore, he decided to enjoy living his life and that is what made him happy. The moral of the story is that you should not chase happiness but you need to be happy with what life has offered you.

The Wise Man

This story is about a man to whom people kept coming and complained about similar problems all the time. One particular day, the wise man was responsible for telling them a joke and everyone started laughing. He did this two more times and by the third time, not a single individual was laughing anymore. The wise man then explained that it was impossible to laugh on a similar joke more than one time.

That is why it is necessary to ensure that one is not complaining about the same problems more than a single time. The moral of the story is that if you are working about something constantly, it is not going to solve the problems but it will waste your energy as well as time. This is undoubtedly one of the best short stories with moral values that you should consider reading to your kids.

The Foolish Donkey

The story is about a salt seller, who used to make his donkey carry all the salt bags to the market. While they used to go to the market, they were responsible for crossing a stream. One particular day, the donkey fell and the salt bag fell in the water. The salt immediately dissolved and the bag became light. This made the donkey extremely happy and that is why he was interested in doing the same trick regularly.

When the salt seller understood it, he replaced the salt bag with a cotton bag. When the donkey pretended to fall and wet his bag, he realized that the cotton bag became heavier. The moral of the story is that luck is not going to favor you always.


Make sure that you are choosing the right moral values for your children. With the moral stories that have been mentioned above, you will be able to build the values that you want in your children.

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