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4 Ways to Make Your New Online Home Business More Trustworthy

People do business because there’s a genuine goal among them to better themselves. It is more than just a need to get rich quick, because everyone knows that being successful takes time and hard work. In the current business situation, some are succeeding, some are barely surviving and others are failing. It’s a perennial problem among new business owners on how to get on their feet. The Internet makes it easy for people to start their business. In fact, with good representation, people won’t know whether you are a well established corporation or a new solo start-up. Thanks to the online technology, it becomes easier for people to establish a corporate-like presence from their back bedroom. However, it doesn’t mean that you mislead people. If you are a honest businessperson with a genuinely good product, there’s nothing wrong about creating an impressive online representation.

  1. Use a physical address: If you are being honest, you shouldn’t hesitate to use a physical address. You can also set up a post box in the local post office to make it easier for people to contact you. People can directly check your business establishment using services like Google Street View. Even if it is your home or small shop, make sure that it’s presentable, so people will know that you are a reputable business.
  2. Use landline telephone number: If possible, you should use landline telephone number, because it represents a more trustworthy representation of your company. You are not representing your business well, if you use pre-paid mobile phone number, which is harder to trace. If you are using a family telephone number, make sure that it’s free of family chit chat during business hours. So, you can be sure that your children don’t pick up the phone from a client. If possible, you may need to add extra landline phone number to your home. This can be somewhat costly in some areas, but you may consider it as a worthwhile investment, if you want to become more reputable in front of potential buyers and consumers.
  3. Set up virtual PBX: With a virtual PBX, callers will be handled by a virtual handling center. They can be instructed to press specific numbers on their phone to get to different areas in your company. Make sure that virtual PBX also works with modern mobile devices and you need to test this carefully.
  4. Set up audio and video conferencing: People will appreciate it if they can directly communicate with you. The conferencing session will allow people to directly interact with you. You need to be prepared to deal with their questions and issues. Today, video conferencing can be performed easily and cheaply. Even with free hotspots, people can often access high speed Internet, where they can talk with many people. Video conferencing is appealing because they don’t need to deal with lost productivity, long travel time and high fuel costs. With this arrangement, you should ve able to make your home business more respectable and trustworthy.

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