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5 Things You Should Do Before and After Surgery

It’s completely natural to feel worried before surgery, but everything put in place in the hospital is there to ensure your safety. If you’ve allowed yourself a few days at home before you go in for your operation there are some ways to prepare yourself and your home for your return and these 5 things will make the post-op journey much easier.


Buy Some Loose Clothes

It may not be the first thing you would think of, but if your wardrobe doesn’t offer a choice of loose-fitting clothes, you might struggle with getting dressed. Consider what operation you are receiving and tailor your new clothes, so you are able to put them on much easier. Dressing gowns and pyjamas tend to be the best options in the early stages, but if your doctor has given you a longer recovery time, you should consider clothing that is suitable for outdoors but can be worn with ease.


Light Exercises

Surgeons will recommend different ways you can keep your body active after an operation. They will tend to differ depending on the particular surgery you have undertaken, but it’s always best to stick to the scheme. If it means going out for light walks or doing a number of stretches, make sure you’re accompanied by a friend or family member. Light exercise helps the body to recover and keeps you feeling active and revitalised.


Eat Well

Surgery can be mentally and physically draining, and one of the best ways to help your body recover is to enjoy a balanced diet. The diet will help you to replenish your body and even help with the healing process, consider it as fuel to help your body repair. Doctors will always recommend any special diets if your surgery requires an altered recovery process.


Inspect the incision

Not to suggest removing anything before your doctor recommends, but looking after the incision and avoiding any inflections will speed up the healing process. The simplest thing like a sneeze or cough may open the wound, so it’s best to check it daily and wash your hands before doing so.


Follow Every Suggestion You Doctor Offers

Doctors tend to give you a list of things you should and shouldn’t be doing before and after your surgery. Some might only be suggestions or a guideline, but it’s always best to stick to everything they say to help you have the best recovery. It might be something you don’t like to do, but to have a speedy recovery, it’s the best piece of advice anyone can offer you.


What Surgeries Would Benefit from this Advice?

Cosmetic surgery that affects your face, torso or arms will benefit significantly from this advice. If your legs aren’t affected by the operation, and the doctor approves, taking time to walk and enhance your bodies blood flow will help with the healing process, and wearing loose clothes will help with getting dressing and avoiding any irritation. With any surgeries to do with legs, it’s best to seek your doctors’ advice when exercising. However, there is exercise equipment you can purchase to help with your upper body and staying active.


With any surgeries to do with the torso is best to keep all of your movements slow and controlled. It can be easy to tare stitches or cause pain during quick movements, and if your doctor suggests bedrest for the first week, it’s best to take that advice on and keep your body in the static recovery phase.


There will be dozens of things your doctor suggests, and preparing yourself and your home to make your recovery easier is something every patient should do to help themselves during the healing process regardless of the procedure.


The writer currently has a keen interest in surgery and the impacts it holds on patients before and after. After research and reviewing multiple cosmetic surgery Manchester articles and has seen certain trends in breast reduction Manchester that she wants to continue to write about.


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